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Hall of Fame nominee Neil Bonnett and Jeff Hood, the author the piece below, in 1981.

By Jeff Hood | Senior

“Everything’s better, with Neil Bonnett on it…”

Nearly four decades later, that goofy jingle still resonates in my mind.

It was a blistering hot and humid Labor Day Monday in 1981 in Darlington, S.C. Stock car racing’s […]

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Glendora, Calif. — Classic. California. Cool.
From the classic images of Harrison Ford in American Graffiti to James Dean to The Fonz in Happy Days, the car – the hot rod – has always been at the center of Hollywood’s projection of what it means to be Cool in California.
Off the big screen, the roots of […]

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Woody: Some Simple Fixes To Get Fans To Watch Racing Again
| Senior Writer

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer
I see that NASCAR on FOX TV ratings are down. They’re trying to figure out why, and how they can be improved.
Here’s some suggestions from one Frustrated Viewer:
For starters, shoot the gopher.
There may have been more annoying animations in the long history of TV-dom but I can’t recall one off-hand.
Having […]

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NASCAR Newscast: Coca-Cola 600 Preview

As the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series prepares to run its longest race of the season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch talk about what a victory would mean to win the 50th running of America’s most popular Memorial Day Weekend race. But NASCAR’s Driver Rating says they’ll have to get by the winners of five […]

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Coca-Cola will ignite the summer BBQ season this Friday by firing up the nation’s longest grill at the site of NASCAR’s longest race, the    Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.
Requiring more than 7,000 pounds of Kingsford® Charcoal, the monster-sized ring of fire will measure an astonishing 1,320 feet – spanning more than four football fields […]

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Mike Mittler Keeps Cranking Out NASCAR’s Future Stars
| Senior Writer

By Rick Minter | Senior Writer
Concord, N.C. – When it comes to passion and picking talented drivers from the hordes of hopefuls out there, there are few people in NASCAR that can match Mike Mittler.
Mittler is the owner of a machine and tool company in Foristell, Mo., and a part-time Camping World Truck Series owner/crew […]

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Minter: American Racing Loses Another Pioneer
| Senior Writer

By Rick Minter | Senior Writer
The life and times of the flashy Frank Mundy came to a sad end last week at an Atlanta nursing home. Mundy died at age 90 from complications from a fall.
Reporters who found their way to Mundy’s home in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood, always got a great interview from a […]

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Up to Speed: Indy 500 Drivers in NYC

Follow the starting grid of the 93rd Indianapolis 500 to New York.

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Woody: Mr. Hyde Has Gone Into Hiding
| Senior Writer

By Larry Woody | Senor Writer
I used to consider Tony Stewart NASCAR’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
You never knew which would show up. Over the years I experienced both ends of Tony’s split personality.
One summer night following a victory at Bristol, Tony and I went nose-to-nose in the press box after he took offense over […]

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Conquest Puts Tagliani In 500 Field
| Managing Editor

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor
Alex Tagliani is in and Bruno Junqueira is out at Indianapolis.
That is the word from Conquest Racing Monday as it announced that it has made a driver change for Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.
On Sunday, Junqueira had qualified his Conquest car into the field on Bump Day. Tagliani, however, was bumped by […]

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Stewart Showing Leadership Qualities In Abundance
| Senior Writer

By Rick Minter | Senior Writer
Concord, N.C. – From listening to Tony Stewart talk about winning Saturday’s Sprint Cup All-Star race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, it’s clear that he’s operating according to a philosophy that will continue to serve him well as a driver/owner.
The recurring theme of Stewart’s comments was: “It’s not all about me.”
Stewart […]

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