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There used to be butts in them thar seats. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Harold Hinson)

By Jim Pedley | Senior

There is that old saying that is usually attributed to moms or aunts or somebody who bakes really good pies: If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything. Glad mom won’t be reading the […]

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Bernie Ecclestone suffered a minor head injury when he was attacked and robbed outside of his office in London.
He reportedly had jewelry worth $314,000 taken from him.
Ecclestone, the 80-year-old boss of Formula One, was treated at a hospital after being punched and kicked by four men. He has been released from the hospital.
No arrests had […]

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Five-Time Champ Jimmie Johnson: A Q and A
| Senior Writer

By Mike Harris | Senior Writer
What can you say when you’ve said it all?
Jimmie Johnson was faced with that problem this week after wrapping up an unprecedented fifth straight NASCAR Winston Cup championship.
But, somehow, Johnson finds a way to say what he’s said before in a way that sounds new and interesting.
Here’s a sampling of […]

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‘Black Friday’ Offers Fender-Buster Deals

Traditionally, the days surrounding the Thanksgiving celebration – “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” – are the busiest of the holiday shopping season.
Some of the country’s leading motorsports facilities are joining in the rush with discounts for 2011 events, including deals specifically geared toward Friday, Nov. 26, and Monday, Nov. 29. For the fan who has […]

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Hood: Serving Up Multiple Helpings Of Thanks
| Senior Writer

By Jeff Hood | Senior Writer
Before carving the turkey, let’s take a moment and reflect on the just-completed NASCAR season:
I’m thankful for Jamie McMurray winning the Daytona 500, just a few months after it appeared he was headed for the unemployment line.
I’m thankful Brad Keselowski wasn’t injured after Carl Edwards decided to retaliate at 190 miles […]

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Hendrick Says Changes Not Aimed Just At Junior
| Managing Editor

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor
In a teleconference with the media on Wednesday morning, NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick said the massive changes that are being implemented within his organization are simply the result of his belief that people on his team had “got complacent”.
And he said that since the decision to swap crew chiefs […]

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Woody: NASCAR Shouldn’t Over-Tweak
| Senior Writer

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer
NASCAR boss Brian France says some “significant changes” will likely be made in the way the sport determines its champion next season.
Brian hasn’t asked me, but if he should, this is my advice:
Beware of over-tweaking.
As they say, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. And I don’t detect any major cracks […]

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Hendrick Motorsports Shakes Up The Order
| Managing Editor

Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, announced Tuesday that his four-car team is instituting a multi-team swap of crew chiefs.
The reason, Hendrick said in a statement, is a general lack of satisfaction with performance.
Steve Letarte, who has been crew chief for Jeff Gordon for the last five seasons, will move over to the team of […]

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Harris: Where Does Hamlin Career Go From Here?
| Senior Writer

By Mike Harris | Senior Writer
The look on Denny Hamlin’s face after Sunday’s race at Homestead told the whole story.
An upbeat season in which Hamlin lived up to his promise to contend for a NASCAR Sprint Cup champion ended on a downbeat note when Jimmie Johnson beat the odds and Hamlin to win an unprecedented […]

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Woody: Martin Dignified, Determined In Defeat
| Senior Writer

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer
They say you can tell more about a man’s character in defeat than in victory.
I’m not sure that applies to Mark Martin.
Mark is so even-keeled that he’s dignified win or lose. Through good times and bad, amid highs and lows, his personal compass invariably remains stuck on “classy.”
This year, for […]

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Woody: Johnson Has ‘Choke Hold’ on Competition
| Senior Writer

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer
Last Sunday King Jimmie the Fifth was crowned at Homestead-Miami Speedway, concluding a race and a season that followed a familiar scenario for success:
Jimmie Johnson did a masterful job of driving.
And the competition did a masterful job of choking.
Denny Hamlin, Johnson’s closest challenger, spun out early in the race.
Kevin Harvick, […]

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