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A race day that dawned Sunday morning with coffee and tears shared with his mom, Carol, ended after sunset with the gift of his helmet to car-owner Rick Hendrick.
In between, on the last day of his brilliant NASCAR career, Jeff Gordon bump-fisted countless fans, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with motorsports superstars Mario Andretti and Lewis Hamilton during […]

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New Format Encourages Instant Gratification
| Senior Writer

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Throughout NASCAR’s history the sanctioning body has modified its point system when it felt necessary, but the new one announced Thursday is the most radical in the sport’s history.
To review, under the new structure winning is everything and consistency is irrelevant; points racing is eliminated. To win […]

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Trent Owens’ Career Path Leads Back To Petty
| Senior Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NASCAR Sprint Cup crew chief Trent Owens was only 4 months old when his father lost his life in a freak pit accident at Talladega.
That May 4 in the Winston 500 19-year-old Randy Owens was attempting to extinguish a fire in a left front wheel bearing on the No. 43 Dodge when […]

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Mixed Reaction Greets Big NASCAR Changes
| Senior Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Most drivers and team owners reacted positively to NASCAR’s change in its Chase format for 2014, but there were still those who showed little enthusiasm, preferring to take a wait-and-see approach.
Denny Hamlin saw the new format as a way a person could miss a race due to a concussion and still […]

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NASCAR Unveils Revamped Chase Structure
| Senior Writer

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NASCAR executives confirmed Thursday what had been rumored and speculated on for several weeks – a major change in the Chase format that will emphasize winning throughout the season and make the season finale a winner-take-all event for the championship.
The new format expands the Chase field to […]

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Class of ’14 Enters Hall Of Fame

The NASCAR Wire Service
A class of five new drivers was welcomed Wednesday night into the NASCAR Hall of Fame during an induction ceremony at the Charlotte Convention Center Crown Ballroom.
Engine builder Maurice Petty joined father Lee Petty, brother Richard Petty and cousin and Petty Enterprises crew chief Dale Inman as a member of the NASCAR […]

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Penske Votes Yes On Latest NASCAR Changes
| Senior Writer

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – International businessman Roger Penske’s motorsports involvement has covered all major facets of the sport – driver, team and track owner – and he said Wednesday he believed NASCAR was headed in the right direction with its rule changes for 2014.
“Change is an important evolution. There is no […]

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Stars Doing Their Best To Sell NASCAR Changes
| Managing Editor

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor
For the most part, it’s pretty uncomfortable watching sports stars as they attempt to cross over into the field of acting. They tend to be, um, unconvincing in their roles. And, interestingly, it seems the bigger the sports star, the poorer the actor. Think Wilt Chamberlain in “Conan the Destroyer”.
On […]

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The No. 3 Will Be Right Where Earnhardt Wanted
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Fourteen years ago Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt sat in a car one rainy day and discussed how they would bring the famous No. 3 back to NASCAR’s Sprint Cup circuit after the seven-time champion retired. The two men decided it would only return on a car driven by a family member.
This […]

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Stewart Will Wobble His Way Into Daytona 500
| Senior Writer

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tony Stewart said Monday the bone in his injured leg would only be about 65 percent healed when he returned to racing next month at Daytona, but the titanium rod in his leg would provide it with the strength it needed.
“The reality is it could get injured […]

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IMSA Explains Reversal Of Last Lap Penalty In GTD
IMSA vice president of competition and technical regulations Scot Elkins held a press conference late Sunday afternoon to explain the decision to reverse a penalty that was issued to the No. 555 GT Daytona team on the last lap of the Dayton 24.
The reversal of the penalty for “avoidable contact” gave the No. 555 Level […]

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