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Flag to Flag with Nick Bromberg

| , RacinToday.com Sunday, March 29 2009

Watching the Goody’s 500 today? Do you simply have to talk about it with someone? Join RacinToday.com’s Nick Bromberg as he chats “Flag to Flag” about the Martinsville Cup race.

Nick BrombergNick Bromberg has written for The Kansas City Star and The Big Lead, as well as the Columbia Missourian. Nick graduated from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism with an emphasis in News Editorial. He has covered the races at Kansas Speedway since 2004, and has also covered the University of Missouri football team and the Missouri State High School Basketball Championships. Nick resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

| , RacinToday.com Sunday, March 29 2009


  • And Kenseth didn’t go to the tail end. So he’s going to have to serve a drive through. Bad mistake.

  • Joey Logano too fast entering and Matt Kenseth with a tire violation; both to the end of the longest line.

  • Shrub divebombed (yes, I realize it’s not a word) Scott Speed and spun into Speed. Speed gets the worst of it, as he hit the wall.

    Jimmie Johnson pitted, one of the only leaders to do so. He’s now 22nd.

  • According to Hotpass, Kyle Busch is having problems. He just flashed behind Jeff Burton in the standings.

    And caution is out. We’ll see what happened when Fox comes back from commercial.

  • If NASCAR’s favorite driver is already jumping out of gear on lap 62, how the heck is that car going to make it the rest of the race?

  • And Gordo gets around Speedo for the lead on lap 57

  • Scott Speed leads them after green, so I assume that PRISM is no more.

  • Gordon leads them off of pit road, but Dave Blaney is currently the race leader, unless he decides to quit.

  • Kyle Busch is really getting down on the splitter in the corners. Really reminiscent of Stewart last year in the #20. Seemed he was always down on the splitter.

  • Bowyer v. Waltrip!

    Michael really is holding the line up.

  • And Todd Bodine in the Gunselman car is the first to park it. I guess they learned from their lesson of attempting to run the whole race at Bristol last week.

  • Strategy move by some cars at the back. Robby Gordon apparently running unsponsored this weekend. He’d have a chance if Martinsville had any shortcuts.

  • Aaaaaaaand Michael Waltrip is our first caution of the day.

    Wonder what Clint Bowyer has to say?

  • Tony Stewart is the big mover so far, already up to third, and Jimmie Johnson is hot on his heels in fourth. Gordon still leads while Big Busch is second.

  • Ok, lap 40, the prediction still stands

    And we are green!

  • How soon will Dave Blaney park it? I’m going to go with 67 laps, because I think I heard that there will be a competition caution on lap 60. He’ll stay out in an attempt to lead a lap (like last week) and then Phil Parsons will order him to the garage.

  • Here’s my fearless and inevitably wrong predictions for Martinsville:

    Cautions: 13

    Time of Race: 3 hours and 25 minutes

    Winner: Jeff Gordon (wow, I am original)

  • David Reutimann has named himself “Franchise?”

  • Is there going to be anyone who’s not in a Hendrick car (yes, Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman are in Hendrick cars) or named Denny Hamlin who is going to win this race today?

    Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth didn’t look good in practice, and Edwards has said that this is his least favorite track, even though he improved considerably at Martinsville in 2008.

  • I feel sorry for those of you who will have to stare at my ugly mug every time you click this page. But anyway, I hope the racing is entertaining today and the good news is that the sun is out at Martinsville, so it won’t look like the fog fest of a year ago.

    But there IS something more important than the race today. Yes, you guessed it, the next installment of “Digger and Friends.” I can’t wait.