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Woody: I Love The King And Bud

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, June 26 2009
Richard Petty surveys his kingdom. (RacinToday photo by David Vaughn)

Richard Petty surveys his kingdom. (RacinToday photo by David Vaughn)

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer


Some of my recent rants have drawn responses from readers who may have misunderstood my positions on certain matters:

On Richard Petty & Budweiser: I don’t care if Richard serves Victory Lane brewskies from his cowboy hat – I’ll always be a Petty fan.

I’m pro-Petty and I’m certainly not anti-Bud. Some of my sportswriter pals and I have personally put several Clydesdales’ kids through college.

But to try to distance Richard from Richard Petty Motorsports’ Budweiser sponsor by noting that no signage appears on ol’ No. 43 – that’s splitting some mighty fine hairs.


Larry Woody, Senior Writer for RacinToday.com

Larry Woody, Senior Writer for RacinToday.com

On road racing: Someone wanted to know if I really found it as dull and boring as I claimed, and do I seriously believe that NASCAR’s two road races should be yanked off the schedule and deported to Siberia? Was that what I was suggesting, for goodness’ sake?



On Jimmie Johnson’s points giveaway: Jimmie awarded teammate Mark Martin five championship charity points by allowing him a free pass and a one-lap lead. Somebody wanted to know why I made such a fuss over five measly points.

In 1979 Darrell Waltrip went into the final race with a two-point lead over Richard Petty.

That’s why.

On Danica Patrick’s NASCAR impact: I’ve written numerous times that when Danica decides to become a Bubbette she’ll create the greatest sensation in stock car racing since Curtis Turner landed his plane on Main Street one Sunday morning to grab a toddy.

One critic snipped that I “must be trying to get on her good side – what do you say about that?”

I say they’re all good.

Double-file restarts: An alert reader pointed out that in the example I gave – 29 lead-laps cars in one row and an “equal number’’ of lapped cars in the other row — there would be 58 cars in the race.

You got me. Back when other kids came down with mumps I was bedridden with fractions.

What I was trying to say, obviously, is that I’m in favor of triple-file restarts.

On the IRL’s problems: I believe I know how to fix everything. Does Danica have a sister?

Drug testing: Based on the recent ruling NASCAR made on Carl Long – giving him 10 years in the gulag for ripping the Do Not Remove tag off his mattress – I’m definitely in favor of frequent drug testing for all NASCAR officials.

Meanwhile, for the drivers: Tinkle, tinkle, little star. 

– Larry Woody can be reached at lwoody@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, June 26 2009
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One Comment »

  • Glen Harness says:

    Re: the points giveaway…That’s why NASCAR should do away with points for leading a lap. The fact that they award those points for staying on the track while everyone else pits under caution is a dead giveaway that they’re bogus to begin with.