Notes: Front Row Continues Its Slow, Steady Biz Plan

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, February 16 2019
Front Row Motorsports “has not bitten off more than it can chew.”

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Front Row Motorsports owner Bob Jenkins entered NASCAR with a plan to develop his team over an eight- to 10-year period and David Regan believes that approach will be the key to the organization’s longevity.

“He hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew,” Regan said at Daytona International Speedway. “I think in the next five to 10 years they will take the place of some of the other powerhouse teams that aren’t here in 10 years. I don’t know what the next one is that’s going to be gone, but it’s a fact that over the years things come and go. Our sport is no different. Successful teams aren’t forever. I think Front Row will be a premier championship winning team on the Cup level in the next five to 10 years.”

Jenkins possibly took a step in that direction this year with the addition of a third car driven by Matt Tifft. It’s a move that Regan believes has impacted him and teammate Michael McDowell in a positive manner.

“We’ve been able to bring on some more employees, some more engineers and upgrade some of our race cars,” Regan said. “If you do it (adding a third car) at the right time, I think it can be a blessing for your race team. If you do it at the wrong time and the wrong set of circumstances, it could be a curse for your race team. We were able to plan it the right way, hire the right people.

“We’ve had to put in a lot of work and a lot of hours over the off-season, but I think Matt (Tifft) is a good young kid with a lot of talent that can bring some things to the table. Michael (McDowell) and I (have) teams that pretty much stayed intact. I think those are some good reasons that the third team will benefit Front Row Motorsports.”

Regan noted that teammates in racing want to work with each other and help each other, but they weren’t there to babysit each other. However, Regan admitted he wished he had asked more questions when he was in his early 20s.

“I thought that I could just come into the sport and go fast and I knew what to do,” Regan said. “I found out pretty quick that I was wrong. I think that young kids today, they’ve got to come in hungry. They’ve got to ask the right questions. They’ve got to show that they want it and they can’t come in entitled or with a big ego.”

Regan believes Tifft has “a good head on his shoulders.”

“He asks the right questions and I will certainly answer every question that he has,” Regan said. “But I’m not here to babysit others and I don’t think other teammates do the same thing.”

Watkins Glen International President Michael Printup and Ross Groffman, executive director of NexEra Energy Resources, announced Friday plans to construct a 50-megawatt solar energy center at the historic road course. When completed, it will be the largest solar field located at a United States race track.

Printup said Watkins Glen owned 1,861 acres and the property to the west of the track that’s currently leased to farmers would be used for the solar field.

“The energy from this project will be sold into the New York state energy grid, so it’s supplying energy for the entire area,” Groffman said.

NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series Race – 20th Annual NextEra Energy Resources 250
Daytona International Speedway
Daytona Beach, Florida

Friday, February 15, 2019

                1. (10)  Austin Hill, Toyota, 111.

                2. (5)  Grant Enfinger, Ford, 111.

                3. (23)  Ross Chastain(i), Chevrolet, 111.

                4. (14)  Spencer Boyd, Chevrolet, 111.

                5. (15)  Matt Crafton, Ford, 111.

                6. (32)  Josh Reaume, Chevrolet, 111.

                7. (28)  Timothy Peters, Chevrolet, 111.

                8. (30)  Angela Ruch, Chevrolet, 111.

                9. (12)  Austin Wayne Self, Chevrolet, 111.

                10. (7)  Stewart Friesen, Chevrolet, Accident, 108.

                11. (29)  Bobby Gerhart, Chevrolet, Accident, 105.

                12. (9)  Clay Greenfield, Chevrolet, Accident, 103.

                13. (2)  David Gilliland, Toyota, Accident, 100.

                14. (22)  Ben Rhodes, Ford, Accident, 98.

                15. (13)  Gus Dean #, Chevrolet, Accident, 98.

                16. (19)  Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet, Accident, 98.

                17. (6)  Sheldon Creed #, Chevrolet, Accident, 98.

                18. (4)  Harrison Burton #, Toyota, Accident, 89.

                19. (3)  Todd Gilliland, Toyota, Accident, 88.

                20. (25)  Cory Roper, Ford, Accident, 76.

                21. (24)  Myatt Snider, Ford, Accident, 62.

                22. (1)  Christian Eckes, Toyota, Accident, 61.

                23. (17)  Johnny Sauter, Ford, Accident, 60.

                24. (26)  Brennan Poole, Toyota, Accident, 55.

                25. (27)  Jordan Anderson, Chevrolet, Accident, 53.

                26. (8)  Brett Moffitt, Chevrolet, Accident, 53.

                27. (16)  Chris Fontaine, Toyota, Accident, 27.

                28. (31)  Ray Ciccarelli, Chevrolet, Accident, 27.

                29. (18)  Tyler Dippel #, Chevrolet, Accident, 23.

                30. (20)  Robby Lyons II, Chevrolet, Accident, 16.

                31. (21)  Bryan Dauzat, Chevrolet, Accident, 2.

                32. (11)  Natalie Decker #, Toyota, Accident, 1.

Average Speed of Race Winner:  104.498 mph.

Time of Race:  2 Hrs, 39 Mins, 20 Secs. Margin of Victory:  0.278 Seconds.

Caution Flags:  11 for 55 laps.

Lead Changes:  15 among 10 drivers.

Lap Leaders:   C. Eckes 1;S. Creed # 2-22;J. Sauter 23-26;B. Moffitt 27-33;J. Sauter 34-37;T. Gilliland 38;J. Sauter 39-42;D. Gilliland 43;J. Reaume 44;D. Gilliland 45-59;A. Ruch 60-61;A. Hill 62-86;B. Rhodes 87-96;A. Hill 97;B. Rhodes 98;A. Hill 99-111.

Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Lead, Laps Led):  Austin Hill 3 times for 39 laps; Sheldon Creed # 1 time for 21 laps; David Gilliland 2 times for 16 laps; Johnny Sauter 3 times for 12 laps; Ben Rhodes 2 times for 11 laps; Brett Moffitt 1 time for 7 laps; Angela Ruch 1 time for 2 laps; Josh Reaume 1 time for 1 lap; Todd Gilliland 1 time for 1 lap; Christian Eckes 1 time for 1 lap.

Stage #1 Top Ten: 2,16,51,24,98,22,68,27,30,4

Stage #2 Top Ten: 13,52,99,17,20,98,27,4,18,22

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, February 16 2019
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