Drivers: Social Media Influencing NASCAR Officials

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, March 9 2018

Kevin Harvick and his team were hit with big penalties this week after the car he used at Las Vegas last weekend was found to be illegal. Leading to the penalties was a photo that popped up on social media. (RacinToday/HHP file photo)

Kyle Busch on Friday said that some NASCAR decisions are based not on reasoned thinking but on what series officials see on social media.

His comments come on the heels of several controversial decisions by NASCAR.

Asked if he is concerned that NASCAR may be making decisions based on what they see on media like Twitter and Facebook, Busch said, “Absolutely. I think what they see on social media and also goes based off of driver penalties and other things as well, too.”

This week, NASCAR officials reacted to photos that popped up on social media that appeared to show that the rear window of Kevin Harvick’s Stewart-Haas Racing Ford was bowed.

Harvick and his team were slammed with penalties.

Harvick lost seven playoff points and 20 regular-season points and his team was fined $50,000 after inspection revealed a failed brace and a steel part where rules call for aluminum on his car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Some in the garages at Phoenix on Friday contend the bowed window could produce an aerodynamic advantage.

During a press conference in Phoenix Friday, Harvick level a shot at social media and its role in the sport.

“The officials in the garage do a great job,” Harvick said. “It just feels like it is a micromanaged situation from above what these guys do in the garage, to appease people sitting on social media and trying to officiate a sporting event instead of letting these guys in the garage do what they do and do a great job with it week in and week out. That is the frustrating part.”

Busch, during his press conference at the site of this weekend’s racing – the track formerly known as Phoenix International Raceway – was asked if he thought basing decisions on what officials see on social media would hurt the sport.

“I think there’s too many voices,” the former Cup champion said. “I think the at the powers that be that are way higher than me need to figure out how to shut that off and not pay attention to it sometimes, and do what they think is best for the sport as what we’ve done for 60 years.

“It seems the last 10 especially has been more so. And listening to those that are watching it and those who are watching it have too many varying opinions. You’re not going to please them all. It doesn’t seem as though we’re setting ourselves up for the best going forward by listening to too many of them.”

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, March 9 2018


  • SmarterThanYou says:

    Alan Gustafson and Chase Elliott were discussing the bowing of the rear window during the race over their radio. I find it hard to believe that NASCAR was unaware of that discussion as well as other teams noting something off with that rear window. Why give social media the credit or blame when it was obvious to the teams and being discussed over an open mike on national TV?

  • salb says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how Nascar missed the illegal rocker panels during all the pre race inspections. The broken window brace could happen to anyone.