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Woody: The Breath Of Fresh Air Needs A Tic Tac

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, June 12 2009
Kyle Busch prepares to alter his Nashville trophy so that his team members can enjoy it too.. (RacinToday photo by David Vaughn)

Kyle Busch prepares to alter his Nashville trophy so that his team members can enjoy it too.. (RacinToday photo by David Vaughn)

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer

Nashville – Kyle Busch said J.D. Gibbs, president of Joe Gibbs Racing, thought Kyle bashing his trophy to bits last Saturday night at Nashville Superspeedway was “cool.”

Really? Then how about this: Let artist Sam Bass, who spent countless hours hand-painting the classic Gibson guitar, crash Kyle’s brand-new race car through the show-room window at Gibbs’ racing complex.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Busch, addressing the media at Michigan Friday, said he thought destroying the guitar “was a neat idea” and “I don’t regret it.”

On the other hand, he admitted he wouldn’t dare do the same thing to the Daytona 500 trophy or the famous Martinsville grandfather clock trophy.

Why not? If shattering one trophy in Victory Lane is so cool, why not shatter others?

I know why. You know why. Busch knows why and Gibbs knows why:

NASCAR would bust a gasket if Busch did that to the Daytona 500 trophy or any other Sprint Cup prize. If Busch shattered the Daytona 500 trophy in Victory Lane he’d be busting rocks in NASCAR’s gulag.

What shameless hypocrisy – by Busch, Gibbs and NASCAR.

The only reason he got away with it in Nashville is because NASCAR and Gibbs apparently consider it a second-class trophy in a second-class series.

I can assure you that folks in Music City didn’t think it was cute and cool. I can’t recall a similar uproar over any sports incident.

Likewise the track management and the Federated Auto Parts race sponsors didn’t find it amusing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not some future sponsorship fallout from the incident.

I used to consider Busch and his brashness a breath of fresh air in a stale sport. But there’s a difference in a breath of fresh air and a Category 5 tornado, and lately that’s what Busch has become.

He not only refuses to grasp the ugliness of his behavior, on Friday he took a shot at the mild-mannered Bass: “I said I was going to buy two guitars after the race, but I didn’t know it was going to be in the spirit of both of Sam Bass’ personalities.”

Bass agreed to pose with Busch and the shattered guitar, forcing a smile/grimace, but afterwards told the media he was seething over what Busch did.

“How would Kyle like it if I took a hammer and did to his race car what he did to the guitar?” Bass said.

Good question. Would the Gibbs people think that that was “cool?”

Look, in his heart of hearts I don’t think Busch really intended to insult and infuriate everybody. I think he thought smashing the guitar would be dramatic and cutting-edge clever – “a rock-star-style celebration” as he called it.

But it didn’t come across that way. It came across as insulting and wantonly destructive (why not donate the expensive instrument to the Victory Junction Gang Camp?) It made Busch look petty and juvenile.

Offering to “fix” the mess by throwing some money at Bass added to the insult: another rich, arrogant, spoiled brat who thinks he can buy his way out of trouble.

I suppose the best defense that can be made for Kyle is that he isn’t a bad guy, just clueless.

I’ve got an idea: in the future if Busch wants to copy a punk rocker, let him emulate Ozzie Osborne, the mumbling wack-o who once famously bit the head off a live bat.

Instead of destroying a valuable trophy Busch can munch a bat and everybody will be happy (well, except for the bat.)

Seriously, Kyle, you’re 24 years old. Start acting like it.


| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, June 12 2009


  • exile says:

    i hope mr bass does not paint another trophy for the little ky busch.

    in the last couple of days i have seen and heard media people refer to busch as… “superman”

    good grief does it get any worst than this b.s.

    joey l kicked his ___ saturday night. i think ky’s days are numbered he’s getting old as far as a driver and still hasn’t done much.

  • Motor Sport says:

    race car

    […] Then how about this: Let artist Sam Bass, who spent countless hours hand-painting the classic Gibson guitar, crash Kyle’s brand-new race car through the show-room window at Gibbs’ racing complex. Wouldn’t that be cool? … […]…

  • KAP says:

    Interesting thing, Larry, is that the “crazy” fans saw right through Kyle’s act from day one, and they felt like he needed more than a tictac.

    Even though the media was enamored of him and his antics, the “crazy” fans saw him for what he is…spoiled and with a huge feeling of entitlement, and extremely jealous of Junior.

    I’m glad he’s taken on Junior’s fans, though. He has NO idea what he’s brought on himself. Plus it takes the glare of Junior having to answer to Kyle’s latest bombastic blast. He’s got better things to fix than Kyle’s big mouth.

    Now THIS should be fun! Bring it on!

  • Jerry says:

    Come on everybody lighten up! It has already been reported that Kyle & Sam Bass “kissed & made up”. At least Kyle is bringing some fun to the game. His weekly rants against Little E and his followers are giving people something to talk, and write, about. Take Kyle out of the equation and you are almost down to which Hendrick driver is going to win this week. Or we could spend each week discussing why Junior can’t park. Nascar needs some sideline stories and Kyle is obliging. Sure he can be an idiot, but he is also a winner, and while you may not like what he says there is some truth in a lot of his comments.

  • danny says:

    Larry,everyone fining fault with Kyle,forget it’s KYLE’S trophy. He won it. No city,state,or federal statutes specify what a driver can do with his trophy. Comparing taking a hammer to Kyle’s car? That’s Gibbs car.The assumption is Kyle did something to property of Sam Bass,who MAKES the trophy each year which the winner of the race receives as personal property. All Kyle did was use his property in a manner of his choice.The media and fans think they have been violated but don’t want to accept that Kyle has every right to do what he did. Ask Johny Benson – Kyle is going to let him use his truck next week.

    • Steph says:

      Yes the trophy was his to do with as he pleased…but does that make it right? I don’t see it that way. Just because someone owns something, a house, painting, dog or cat, does that give them the ‘right’ to do with it as they please? And I don’t want the standard, “It was only a guitar!” Sorry no it wasn’t….this was a one of a kind piece and as Larry said, KyBus answer was to think that throwing money at the situation would make it right. As for KyBu being a breathe of fresh air and his antics make the series more interesting….I see his antics as his need to grab all the attention he can, in any way he can. He is a spoiled brat who needed a butt whooping the first time he threw a tantrum, but guess his parents didn’t see discipline as a needed rearing tool.

  • Ginger says:

    Larry, I agree that what Busch did was despicable. However, I would love to see him bite the head off a bat, hopefully a rabid bat. I would even furnish the bat.