NASCAR Puts Logano In ‘Jail’; Drivers React

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, September 23 2017

Joey Logano was forced to sit in his car for the entire final Cup practice on Saturday. Coming over to chat was his wife. (Twitter photo by Jeff Gluck)

By Mike Harris | Senior Writer

LOUDON, N.H. – Joey Logano felt a little like he was in jail Saturday as he sat in his car on pit road for the entire final practice session for the ISM Connect 300 Cup race.
After his Team Penske No. 22 Ford failed technical inspection four times prior to Friday’s qualifying, NASCAR penalized the team, prohibiting Logano from taking part in qualifying and ordering him to sit in his car on pit road for the entire 50-minute final practice on the 1-mile New Hampshire Motor Speedway oval.
While it is not uncommon for NASCAR to make drivers sit out parts of practice for tech violations by the team _ 13 other drivers sat out at least 15 minutes of Saturday’s final practice _ this was the first time a driver has sat in his car for a full session.
While Logano sat parked along the pit wall, he was visited by his wife, Brittany, and several fans, who reached through the window netting to shake his hand and took selfies with the driver.

“Yeah, it was a first,’’ said Logano, who will start last in Sunday’s 39-car field. “I got to hang out with my wife during practice. She put her hand on the window net and I put my hand on the other side and (we were) laughing. (It was) like I was in jail.’’
Several drivers, including Dale Earnhardt, tweeted out negative comments about having drivers sit in their cars in full uniform on pit lane while practice is taking place.
“I’ve no issue with making him miss practice. Him sitting on pit road with what amounts to wearing a dunce hat is highly unnecessary,’’ Earnhardt tweeted.
He later tweeted,“Like strict governing and harsh penalties to keep things honest. I don’t like our sport looking silly. My opinion: this achieves the latter.’’
Logano, with two of his 18 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup victories, on this track, was allowed to take part in the first two practices of the weekend. But he indicated that missing qualifying and the final practice would definitely make the race more difficult.
“I had time for a lot of thoughts in (the car), mainly that’s it a total joke,’’ he noted. “I don’t know why it has to be out on pit road. I mean, a penalty is a penalty. That’s fine. But there’s no reason to sit out there.
“I think it’s dumb. But that’s coming from a guy that just sat in a car for an hour sweating.’’
Asked if fact that it was a hot day, with afternoon temperatures reach to the mid-80s, made it worse, Logano said, “No, you sit in there and bake a little bit, but I turned my helmet fan on and I was fine. I just sat there and watched cars go by.’’
| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, September 23 2017


  • Your mother says:

    He’s the one that got in his car and sat there like a fool. Honestly, what is NASCAR going to do to him if he said no, shove him back in the car? He’s not in the chase and any other silly penalty would have been inconsequential anyway.

    You ain’t in third grade dude. You don’t have to go stand in the corner because an adult told you to anymore.

  • Al Torney says:

    This has to be the dumbest thing NASCAR has ever done. I agree with Junior 100%. Logan’s had nothing to do with the car failing inspection. In fact the car should have been ordered to the garage. I’m far from being a Logano fan but this went to far. I read that he made light if it but I can’t believe he honestly felt that way. I guess he was worried he get a fine if he expressed his true feelings.
    When is NASCAR going to stop shooting itself in the foot?

    How President Trump comes into play on this is beyond me?

    • John S Sturbin says:

      Because this decision by NASCAR, like Fake President, is irrational. See his comments on NFL “SOB’s” for starters. And then move onto NBA reaction to White House non-invite. Specifically, LeBron James’ tweet to the WH twit.

  • John S Sturbin says:

    I’m betting the Fake President would approve of this grade-school level punishment.