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Kyle Busch Rocks Nashville

| , RacinToday.com Saturday, June 6 2009
Kyle Busch celebrates his Nashville victory. (RacinToday.com photo by David Vaughn)

Kyle Busch celebrates his Nashville victory. (RacinToday.com photo by David Vaughn)


Kyle Busch shook free of his Nashville Superspeedway jinx Saturday night to win the Federated Auto Parts 300.

For the sixth straight time in the Nationwide Series, Busch dominated. But the victory was only his second during that span as lousy luck bit him the other four times.

The victory came at a track where he had never won before.

“Finally,” Busch said over his radio after crossing the finish line.

Brad Keselowski finished second, .8 second behind.

Carl Edwards was third.

The victory allowed Busch to increase his lead to 65 points over Carl Edwards in the series.

Edwards, though clearly not strong enough to catch Busch Saturday night, was happy with his run.

“That’s the most competitive we have been in a long time,” he said.

Busch ripped off a burnout for the ages after winning. His tires actually caught fire from the burnout and that made him a big hit with the Nashville fans.

He lost that goodwill in victory lane, however, when he smashed the Gibson guitar which serves as the event’s trophy.

“It’s mainly relief,” Busch said of the victory. “You think about it and it’s been a while but it really hasn’t.  For us, we felt like realistically we can win every single race out here in the Nationwide Series.  Our cars are that good, our guys on pit road are that good, Jason (Ratcliff, crew chief)makes great calls all day.  We had a good day that went smooth today and we didn’t have any issues.  We’ve had smooth days that were going great the past few weeks – just at the end it comes down to something taking us away.  It was relief today.

“I was actually nervous coming down to the end of the race because I wasn’t sure.  I was like, ‘Something might happen, you never know.’  It would just be a never-ending saga really, but finally we were able to knock the monkey off our back and get a win here.  For me, especially to get my first Nationwide Series win at Nashville.”

| , RacinToday.com Saturday, June 6 2009


  • Bubba Longbottom says:

    Like most people,like him or hate him.He can race the wheels off anything.You have to give credit where its needed.I have my opinions about him also,but since I cant out race him,Ill keep the negitive thoughts myself.Bubba #21

  • Judi says:

    NO fans in Nashville like Kyle they are making that stuff up. Nobody likes anyone who is arrogant.

  • chuck slack says:

    /Bill, the only ones humiliating themselves are you and Kryle. Lets see how you like it when your wonderboy fails to make the chase this year. The way he’s dropping in the points he will be out of the top 12 in a couple more weeks, won’t that be EPIC!!! At least then you won’t have to wait till the chase starts to see him CHOKE when it counts as usual.

  • Bill Brasky says:

    chuck slack: I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. By the way, scrunchies are on sale at Walgreens. Stock up.

    Larry: Roush hasn’t won a championship since letting Kurt go, and Hendrick got a guy that wins one race every 3 seasons in return for Kyle. By the looks of it, Jack and Rick did Kurt and Kyle a favor.

    David: Does your train of thought have a caboose?

    Go 18!!

  • chuck slack says:

    Yes Bill I suppose you would know all about the high price of therapy although it appears it hasnt helped you with that little cross-dressing problem you like to talk about so much. Like you girls say, If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen!!

  • Larry says:

    Bill, Just remember one thing about the Busch Brothers. There is a reason they both got fired at Rousch and Hendrick Racing and it wasn’t their driving skills!

  • Bill Brasky says:

    chuck slack; Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble wrap is cheap. You choose. Oh yeah, and make sure to put the slip on the inside of the dress.

    Michael; In the future, kindly proofread your point of view before assaulting unsuspecting people around you with a litany of verbal atrocities.

    Larry; What was Sam Bass gonna say? How about: “That was his way, in the spirit of rock and roll to break the guitar like a KISS concert and share it with all the guys on the team. That made me feel a lot better. As a person that loves rock and roll the way the way I do and appreciates a good show, Kyle Busch put on as great show in Victory Lane and shocked the world.” That’s what Sam said, and like you, he stands by it.

    Melissa; When Kyle wins in Nashville next year, the plan is not to smash it (been there, done that). No, he’s going to up his game and go ZZ-Top on that guitar by lighting it on fire singing “I’m bad, I’m NATIONWIDE!” EPIC. Kyle Busch is going to sell more tickets for the Nashville races next year than a Sam Bass painted guitar ever could. Get to work early next race Melissa, that place will be sold out.

    Greg; “arrogance, lack of respect, and disdain” “no man, and his daddy should be ashamed of him”?
    Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

    David; So… you were a Kyle Busch fan up until he broke the guitar…
    In this fantasy world of yours, do you have any magical powers?

    • David says:

      bill, you should know all about fantasy worlds, so you tell me how life is in one, since you seem to think it was so great of kyle to break the guitar, sam bass in his radio interview was not happy with kyle either, the smile he had in the pic at the track was a fake one for the camera, but then you only take things as fantasy and want to believe that everyone else would/should think it was a cool and epic thing to do and anyone who dosnt is wrong and living in their own fantasy world, even if he was a band member of kiss or any other rock group it would have been stupid to smash that guitar, it dosnt have as much to do with whether it was rare or expensive, it has to do with respect. i dont care if he buys two more or if he did have it planned to smash it all along, it was still stupid and immature. he should go back to driving go carts at the amusement parks, they are more his maturity level. maybe if you wished hard enough you and kyle could hold hands and smash guitars in your fantasy world.

  • chuck slack says:

    Bill I am not angry, I am disgusted. The joke is you and all those like you that think what Kyle did was OK. My hope is that someday people like You and Kyle will someday grow up and get a clue. Untill then keep your thoughts to yourself and you wont look so foolish.

  • Michael says:

    So where is the outrage on the part of NASCAR, Joe Gibbs Racing, and other leaders in the NASCAR community.

    Kyle is his best spokesperson, we can appreciate what he is and what he isn’t. However there must be outrage from the NASCAR

    Nationwide Insurance was crast enough to show Busch with a
    different trophy on their website. Now there is no way they can hide the fact they know his conduct cannot be tolorated, however they will try. Heaven forbid we offend Kyle.

    There is one thing I have learned over the years.

    NASCAR can wear a BLACK EYE better than anyone else. No one has had so much practice.

  • David says:

    I was at the race and was cheering him on the whole way- I loved the burnout and was impressed UNTIL he smashed the guitar trophy on the speedway- at that point I lost all respect for him and no longer consider myself a Kyle Busch fan- if he didn’t want the guitar thats fine, but he should have taken it and autographed it and sold it for charity, that would have been a better publicity stunt than smashing the custom guitar at Nashville, it was a huge slap in the face and disrespect to everyone involved in the race including other drivers and the fans- it was a disgraceful, sad and immature thing to do.

  • Larry says:

    Bill, Get over myself? What are you talking about? Why don’t you tell Kyle to get over hisself? What was Sam Bass gonna say after his one of a kind artist work was destroyed in front of him? I for one would really like to know what Sam Bass thought about that deal. I’ll bet truth be known he was sick to his stomach after watching that idiot destroy that trophy. I’ll bet you one thing, if Kyle ever wins the Daytona 500 he won’t destroy it. Wanna bet? I’ll also bet those Nascar and Nashville Staff and fans were so embarrased for that idiot that they couldn’t stand it. Like I said, he’ll probably win Nashville again. Give him a 25 dollar Guitar next time and save that one of a kind custom Les Paul Guitar to someone who deserves and appreciates it. I stand by what I say. The guy is an idiot!

  • Melissa says:

    Actually… Sam Bass never said he was okay with what Kyle did… he just said that he was shocked when it happened but Kyle told him he meant no disrespect and he did it in the spirit of rock and roll and that he put on a show. I live in Nashville and on the news last night (wsmv.com and newschannel5.com) he said:
    “I put a lot of heart and soul into developing these things and it was something I was not expecting to see. I take my artwork personally I spend hundreds of hours developing these things. I walked up to him and he told me he meant no disrespect… If he’d ask me is it okay if I do this I would have said could you do something alittle different because that is my artwork and it is special…The whole process is a 6-8 week process from the painting to Gibson assembling it… You can’t just go buy these things off the shelf… he doesn’t know what he is going to have to pay for these things. It’s voted one of the top trophies in sports… it is a trophy and a guitar. I don’t see him doing that with the Indy 500 trophy… he didn’t blow me off or anything but told me he didn’t mean to show disrespect and I’m the type of person that will take him at his word. I take my work very personally and I work very hard at it and you don’t want to see something that you work hard at destroyed like that. I just thing there’s something else he could have done.”
    That doesn’t sound like someone who is okay with what happened. The president of the track said:
    “It was disrespectful- Kyle not only smashed the guitar but he threw it to the ground. I don’t think it was very well thought out on his part. We are getting a lot of emails from fans and the overwhelming consensus is that it’s wasn’t the right thing to do.”

    That should tell y’all something. And those are quotes from the interviews on the news last night. I typed as fast as I could as he was talking.

    Kyle Busch is an idiot- he’s not in rock and roll he’s in Nascar and Nascar demands respect. I doubt he’ll get punished but let me tell you he lost a lot of possible fans out at the speedway that night… trust me I was working there.

  • Greg says:

    As a citizen of Nashville, and being in attendance for Saturday nights race, I have to say that what Kyle Busch did in Victory Lane was the most disrespectful slap in the face to the city of Nashville and to the fans of NASCAR. While I certainly agree that the guitar is not the holy grail of trophies, it is representative of Music City and very special in our eyes. To witness someone take a gift that was given to the winner and smash it on the ground was truly insulting.

    Having watched the race first hand, you would not believe how he got around the track, and Kyle is truly a talented driver. However, his arrogance, lack of respect, and disdain for those of us who pay a crap load of money to see him and 42 other drivers race completely takes away from his god given talent as a racer. Over the last year, I have heard people compare him to Dale Earnhardt Sr., and I just shudder. Can you imagine Dale Sr. doing something that disrespectful to the fans of Nashville? Certainly not. Kyle is no man, and his daddy should be ashamed of him. I know as a Nascar fan, I am terribly ashamed that he is in our sport. I am also embarrassed that a class act like Joe & JD Gibbs support & acquiesce to someone so low class like Kyle Busch.

    What happened in Victory Lane Saturday was disdainful and Dover Motorsports should refuse to have a new trophy made. In fact, they should ban him from all future Nashville races until he apologizes to the Speedway, it’s employees and fans. And you guys that laugh it off as no big deal should rethink your stance. What would you say if someone took something special to you and threw it on the ground right in front of your eyes? You would be pissed too.

  • Bill Brasky says:

    Chuck, the angrier you get, the more Kyle (and myself) laughs at you. Tell us, what did the June 2004 (Federated Auto Parts 300) trophy look like? You don’t know. And who cares anyways? History records the winner (Leffler) not the trophy. And to say it’s “one of the most sought after trophies in NASCAR” is a total joke. There are at least 37 trophies on the Sprint Cup schedule (including the title) that ANY driver would rather have than a Nashville (NNS) guitar. So are you saying the guitar is like the 38th most sought after trophy?
    Love him or hate him, you can’t stop talking about him. NASCAR isn’t going to fine him for breaking a guitar. He’s a cash cow. He’s gold. He’s a license to print money. And the more you talk about him, the more you talk about NASCAR. And the more you talk about NASCAR, the more interest the sponsors show. Trust me Chuck, Kyle’s laughing at you. And so is NASCAR. You want nice polite racing where gentlemen cherish their trophies and shut their mouths? Watch F1. You want to see a little bit of “edge” in your racing? Watch IRL and see Milka throw towels in Danica’s face. But if you want a to watch the men race, watch Kyle and company in NASCAR. Just do yourself a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself and remember to keep the iron moving or you’ll leave burn marks on the clothing.

    Why did he break it? Because he can.

  • Texas Tom says:

    ET AL,

    Read the news…KB stated last year if he ever won the race he would smash the guiter and give peices to the team and then HE WOULD BUY TWO, one for himself and one for his crew chief.

    Get over it…I don’t really like him either but he is one heck of a driver…besides we can’t hate Jeff Gordon forever…on second thought, maybe we can.

    GO 88!

  • chuck slack says:

    Kyle Busch is an arrogant immature JERK!! And anyone who thinks his actions are EPIC is a bigger JERK than Kyle is. If you think nobody remembers the trophy from a win at Nashville you obviously dont know a thing about NASCAR, it is one of the most sought after trophys in NASCAR. Unfortunately all I can do about it is not buy any of his sponsers products in all 3 series, and I urge others to do the same, untill NASCAR gets the balls to fine him for his actions.

  • Bill Brasky says:

    Larry, get over yourself… Sam Bass (designer of the guitar) has no problem with Kyle destroying the guitar. And if Sam Bass has no problem with it, and the owner of the guitar (Kyle Busch) has no problem with it, what’s the problem? It’s a trophy. At the end of the day, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) remembers the trophy, they remember the win. What Kyle did was EPIC. You’re bent because Kyle does something like this (EPIC) on a weekly basis while your driver is out there making left turns acting more confused than a 10 year old boy in the trailer park on Father’s Day.

  • Larry says:

    The trophy is the winners for him to do whatever his wishes. That being said, I just couldn’t believe that he would take a one of a kind custom Les Paul Guitar and destroy it in front of the Nashville Crowd. Even if he gets copies made, I still think that was a slap in the face of Nashville Speedway and the fans. There’s probably not another driver in the world who would have done that to a cherished, one of a kind, custom designed trophy and I’ll bet when Kyle grows up someday when he gets to be fifty years old he’ll look back and see how really stupid, immature, that was. I know his fans can see no wrong in him but this just about takes the cake on anything I could have imagined. He says he promised his crew if he won he was going to smash the guitar and give them a piece of it. That’s fine if he wanted to do that but he should have done it after he got back to the shop. If I was Nashville Speedway and he wins there again I wouldn’t give him a guitar next time. I’d give him a 25 dollar Sat. Night Trophy or wait, why not give him a dollar store cheap ass guitar. I’ll bet those Nashville Speedway folks were real pleased with the way he acted last night. As I said, all you Busch Fans probably agree with what he did but I for one could never agree with that for one second! This guy sets a new standard for being low class. I’ll bet his parents are reallll proud of him.