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NASCAR Puts Jeff Gordon Into The 2013 Chase

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, September 13 2013

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France. (RacinToday/HHP file photo by Harold Hinson)

By Jeff Hood | Senior Writer

JOLIET, Ill. – In a surreal moment, NASCAR CEO Brian France announced today at Chicagoland Speedway that Jeff Gordon will be added to this year’s 10-race Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship, which begins with the Geico 400 here on Sunday.

“We’ve decided that, due to the totality of the events that were outside of Jeff Gordon’s issues, we are going to add a 13th position to the field. And Jeff Gordon will qualify for the Sprint Cup championship this year,” France said. “There were too many things that altered the event and gave an unfair disadvantage to Jeff and his team who would have qualified. I have the authority to do that and we are going to do that.

“It is an unprecedented and extraordinary thing. But it’s also an unprecendented and extraordinary set of circumstances that unfolded in multiple ways Saturday night. And we believe this is the right outcome to protect our integrity, which is the number one goal of NASCAR.”

Ryan Newman was added to the Chase field and Martin Truex Jr. was removed Monday night after it was determined that Michael Waltrip Racing manipulated the outcome of Saturday night’s Cup race in Richmond, Va.

Today’s actions stems from the belief that Front Row Motorsports driver David Gilliland intentionally slowed during the closing laps of Saturday evening’s race in Richmond to allow Penske Motorsports driver Joey Logano to pick up a single point that turned out to be the amount he needed to qualify for the Chase.

As a result, NASCAR president Mike Helton announced today that Front Row Motorsports and Penske Racing will be placed on probation for the balance of the season for actions detrimental to the sport. Logano’s crew chief, Todd Gordon, was already on probation through the end of the year.

Unlike Truex, Logano will be allowed to maintain his spot in the Chase.

NASCAR president Mike Helton added that Sprint Cup owners, drivers and crew chiefs will be summoned to a meeting here on Saturday afternoon to discuss the ethics and rules of racing.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to protect, no matter what it takes, the integrity of the sport so it will never be in question,” France said.

– Jeff Hood can be reached at jhood@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Friday, September 13 2013


  • Don 55 says:

    Allowing a driver to pass so he can tie for points and get into the chase is much different than allowing drivers to pass so some can qualify for the chase that don’t deserve to while others who are racing themselves into the chase are knocked out. The sponsors of MWR should be outraged that he would give orders to his cars to slow up or spin out instead of getting the best finishing position they can, which is what the sponsors are paying for. However, cheating is a part of motorsports, but MWR was so blatant about it NASCAR had to act. They need to learn from John Force. When his cars go head to head and one is contending for the championship and the other isn’t, he just blows the tires off the one that isn’t. We all know it’s going to happen, but no one can prove he’s doing it on purpose; therefore, the NHRA doesn’t have to take action, but if John told over a radio the crew chief of the losing car to put in a set up that would blow the tires off do you think for a moment that the NHRA wouldn’t take action? If teams are going to cheat they need to have enough sense to be smart about it. MWR acted stupidly and caused a big mess. As for Rick Hendrick, I would have argued for my 24 car to be put in the chase, because it was injured by the cheating MWR, and so would every car owner in NASCAR in that position. Viewing things through prejudices doesn’t do the viewer any good and sharing those clouded views only reveals a childish mentality. It’s obvious that some people need to grow up.

  • matt says:

    Its kinda sad when Gordon gets in the chase, as Hendrick motorsports you can bet has pulled some of the same stuff mwr did (in the past) with decisions like this its no wonder nascar’s fan base is getting smaller, tracks are not selling out like they used to, i help a weekend race crew and most of the racers that ive talked to think its bs Jeff is in the chase, but it wont matter anyway as he wont win it anyway. Just funny how he whined his way in, mwr did something that is wrong, however there is no real proof to be honest, i would like to see what would have happened it Hendrick racing did that, probably no harm no foul

  • Ann says:

    Does anybody realize why Nascar always called their races final? For reasons like this, and I am not joking Danica can make an arguement or anybody on any call especially if you are a HMS member or a satellite office member EVERY RACE can be effected this way! Does this not sink in with alot of people. They opened the door..and if they serve the mob mentality, which they did with this race, they better be prepared to serve it at ever race…in the interest of fairness to all. Stupid.

  • Kelly says:

    What a calculated bunch of doo doo for the low information clueless Nascar fan(sarcasm intended) It irks me to no end that the witch hunt with Penske has gotten as much press. Give me a freaking break..SOP. and always has been. Nascar “cleared” them (a no brainer) but put them on probation for “talking” with another team????. Now all you hear is cheater cheater cheater and the one’s yellin’ don’t know a lick about Nascar and how strategy has played out for decades. Funny..again how Nascar was directed to a Penske something or another..one has to be an idiot not to know who directed that order, and the shameful media took the witch hunt to a new level..lumping a non scandal in with the can of worms know as MWR. And now Nascar admits NO FOUL and you got the likes of freaking Jimmie Johnson saying in effect, why did Nascar drop the ball on Penske..and the sheep are still out for blood. These people are out of their freaking minds..and no a hundred times no the baby in the pink dress does not belong to the party. Brian France should be ashamed of himself. You can’t unrung that bell and by doing it you made assumptions that we never will know if they would have come true or not. Jeff Gordon should get out of his entitlement bubble and join the rest of us in the real world. And no HMS lovers Logano should not be removed from the Chase, he ran his race and showed up for the first 25 races and raced his heart out with the stats to prove it..He got a 25 point doc, and still came back fighting again and again and smoked Gordon…Didn’t we have some sort of drama with the entitled whiner last year..I kinda remember it looked like he wasn’t going to make the Chase again and INGRID tweeted something nasty and sarcastic like she didn’t have to sit thru the awards banquet and buy a dress..if memory serves! God this stinks on so many levels. How can Jeffy look at himself in a mirror..man up! It appears IMO HMS owns Nascar again and again and again.

  • James Edge says:

    When the Richmond Race was over Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon had their heads down. Why? Because they had gotten “BEAT”. Anyway you want to slice it. Now they are contending for a championship. This is a JOKE!
    This is racing and the crazy thing is it made for the most exciting race of the season. THat is until the race ended. France Sr. said he never wanted fans leaving the race not knowing who won. Right now he is spinning in his grave. The 48 team can use the pit crew of another team during a chase race but you can’t pit when coming down pit road. I’m anxious to see what this chase is goint to be like. Are they going to tell the driver “you can’t pit yet if you do it will give someone a spot we have to wait.” Are they going to penalize drivers for cautions? Jr’s caused ’em. Jeff’s caused em… everyone has!! 13th spot in the chase? what a joke. NASCAR is a joke now…MWR did not put a stain on the sport they did what they were supposed to do. THey did what everyone does. NASCAR just got caught with their pants down and their golden boys teams got the sh$t end this time. NASCAR is the one who put the stain on the sport they have turned it into a joke. I just hope everyone watch’s NASCAR and lets them know as these scenarios play out again and again and again and again and again and again and again…………………………………….

  • deb20258 says:

    Just shut up already, the best driver will win!

  • joey giddens says:

    To the guy that said he`s no longer a
    fan good.
    Nascar needs true fans.
    These team know right from wrong.
    Being a racer myself I want to see good sportsmanship.
    What happen saturday nite was not.
    And the stage that nascar is on they got it right. But if u sit one team out you may should sit the other out too.

    • Karl T says:

      “True fans”? Just what exactly is a “true fan”? Someone too invested in following the series that they are unable and/or afraid to accept that NA$CAR has moved from being ‘racing’ to being ‘motorsport entertainment’?

      NA$CAR is no longer about racing…. about competition… about being and beating the best… It is about getting everyone to show-up at the track in nearly identical cars and not running the risk of a top driver with a top sponsor being sent home. It’s a joke.

  • I feel the pride, fairness and this sport arise from the ashes being NASCAR. I love my car races from back when to now. No one more worthy than Jeff Gordon the BEST.


  • No Longer a NASCAR fan!!! says:

    PATHETIC!!! When you have to attempt to Race Ur way into the Chase Every Year on the Final Regular Race of the Season, it’s NOT because You ‘re Good & Seserve to be in the Chase, it’s because YOU SUCK!!! U Whine like a lil’ B!TCH All Over Social Media like a Baby girl!!! NASCAR Continues to let Team NASCAR “hendricks” get away with Murder as Usual & they Wonder why the Sport is on the Decline!!! Face it Wonder Bread Ur Prime is OVER, managed to sqweek in Last Year Only to Stink the Joint Up, It WON’T be Any different this Year! U Should Honestly Explore RETIREMENT, U didn’t even Win a Single Race this Year, U DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE CHASE, Grow a Pair & Man Up or atleast Spit Out the Pair of NASCAR’s that U have In Ur Mouth!!!

    • Karl T says:

      NA$CAR’s actions of the past 10-12 years have consistently moved me away from (it). Cars being made nearly generic. True sense of manufacturer and/or team superiority being outlawed. Race weekends being turned into PR time for sponsors. Cautions being thrown for unseen debris that doesn’t actually exist. (I worked safety at the Heartland Park truck events and have seen it first hand) But yesterday’s actions really take the cake.

      I’m the first to admit that I no longer NA$CAR like I use to, but I do tend to watch the Nationwide and truck races (which means baring through Michael in he booth), but this is truly it. I’m done. I learned of the Gordon decision about a 1/4 into the truck race last night and I immediately just shut it off. I’m truly done. NA$CAR is no longer about racing; it’s about ‘motorsport entertainment’. They can keep it.

  • chase Revision Idea says:

    I believe NASCAR should revise the whole chase system to this critera, you must either be(a) within 100 pts of the points leader OR (b) have won at least 1 race, be in the top 25 in the standings, AND participated in at least 10 points paying races this season. seeding is rated on average race finish with tiebreaker being amount of wins

  • NASCAR No Credibility says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but does Brian France look he is already three sheets to the wind in that photo at the press conference?

  • 24RULES says:

    No longer a NASCAR fan,
    Dies that mean that the 30+ drivers that do not make the chase should all retire? You need to take a look in the mirror & call it quits since I’m sure you missed out on something you believe you were “cheated” out of! Come on,an up and quit!!

  • NASCAR No Credibility says:

    Here is one for you, How about Jeff Burton slowing and allowing Tony Stewart to pass him in the phoenix race the year he tied Carl Edwards in points for the championship.

    Since NASCAR is in the mood to fix these wrongs then they must take the championship away from Stewart as the point he got from Burton is what allowed him to tie Edwards in points.

    Now what is common in that year? Oh yeah Stewart is a satellite team of Hendrick motorsports.

    I hope this sinks NASCAR and sponsors leave teams left and right and they only have Gibbs and Hendrick left when all is said and done.

    NASCAR is a fixed system.

  • becky says:

    I am glad to see Nascar really digging into all the details involved in what happened at Richmond. It is good that both Ryan & Jeff get to run for the championship. I am sorry for Martin tho, I truly believe he didn’t know what was being cooked up and it is somewhat unfair that he cannot go for title now. Hopefully this all makes MWR and the others think alittle more about the consequences before pulling anymore questionable crap!

    • NASCAR No Credibility says:

      Neither Newman or Gordon deserve to be in the chase.

      All NASCAR has done is confirm that NASCAR is run by a bunch of clueless clowns.

      Maybe even the three stooges.

      Brian would be Larry
      Mike would be curly
      and Robin is Moe

  • Rich says:

    Making things that right is not wrong…but finish what was started…remove Laogano. That seems to be where it started. Wouldnt be right not to.

    • Kelly says:

      Why why and why again..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      The small majority of you say this but your arguement falls flat without any real discussion or debate?

  • a fan no more says:

    NASCAR has officially become the WWE of the auto racing world.. all phoney and show with little substance when it comes to the outcome.

  • NASCAR No Credibility says:

    Once again it looks like Rick Hendrick’s check has cleared Brian France’s bank account. I remember one year Jack Roush got all five of his cars into the chase and NASCAR immediately changed the rules the following year for how many cars an owner can have and how bad it was for the sport for Jack Roush to have five cars in the chase.

    Yet Hendrick can put all of his cars into the chase and everything is ok. Hell not only do you have cheating Rick Hendrick’s entire team in the chase yet again you have members of his satellite team in it as well for a total of five Hendrick cars in the chase.

    NASCAR is nothing but a total joke I stopped watching a few years ago and only look at the print media results every now and then.

    What NASCAR has just done only confirms that they are a total joke and they bow down to Rick Hendrick at every turn.

    I remember two team owners over the years who have qualified extra cars for the last race of the season to ensure their driver won the championship. 1. Richard Childress he has done that twice for Dale Earnhardt. 2. Was Rick Hendrick he had done the same thing for Princess Jeff Gordon.

    In both cases the extra qualified cars were to drop out after a lap or two so the championship was won not on the track but through manipulating the race. Funny how is always seems to be Chevy teams that do this dirty deed.

    Princess Jeff Gordon wrecked Bowyer on purpose costing Bowyer a shot at the championship one year and Jeff Gordon did not get any penalty at all. Talk about cheating. I hope all the Hendrick cars, all five of them in this yeas chase hit the wall in every chase race. But I am sure Brian France will come the Hendrick’s rescue and some how declair a Hendrick car the champion any way.

    Brian France and Mike Helton have ruined NASCAR.

    • Ann says:

      don’t you dare mention the obvious with an insane looking Jeff leaving his car after the unbelievable stunt he pulled and not a word but a small fine, paid with a check and never a word about it again…I find that amazing that people defend that. And yet Jeff somehow was “wronged” this weekend…lol. All the HMS lover excuse that insane act away. typical.

  • Jim says:

    Happy to see that Jeff Gordon was included in the chase. He didn’t go on any rant, just stuck to business and was a good ambassador of the Sport.
    Let’s hope that the drivers/crew chiefs/spotters who didn’t fare so well in the outcome, will stick to business, and not create any more fiasco’s over the last 10 races.

    • NASCAR No Credibility says:

      Lets hope they stuff all Hendrick’s cars into the wall every one of the chase races.

      Hendrick is the biggest cheater in NASCAR.

    • ann says:

      His wife, himself and Rick used every opportunity to whine his case..class?? How about not.

  • No Longer a NASCAR fan!!! says:

    So Sick of NASCAR & their BS Decision Making & as Usual, Allowing hendricks, johnson, & gordon to get away with Eveything. That’s why people Continue to Leave & No Longer watch it!!! She’ll (gordon) get in there & just Stink it Up like She did Last Year, if You’re Consistantly Year after Year Fighting Ur way into the Chase in the Last Race prior to the Chase than U’ve got to take a Long Look in the Mirror & Stop Blaming Everybody Else & Stop Whining & Tweeting how U should’ve made it into the Chase. Stop Making Ridiculous Excuses, get the the Job Done, Handle it Yourself & Stop Crying out for Help from NASCAR, be a Man & not some little Baby Girl, Face it YOU SUCK, Retire Already!!!

    • Ron says:

      Boo Hoo!!!! Get over it dude! This ain’t Burger King-you can’t have it your way!! Boo Hoo!!

    • BUBBA says:

      Calm down Clint Bower Fan….He’s a 4 time Champion & 3 time Daytona winner. And your driver needs to go back to doing body work for a living….Sucka

      • NASCAR No Credibility says:

        Rick Hendrick has a documented history of bribing his way to the top. Read the book arrogance and accords. NASCAR would be better off without people like Rick Hendrick.

      • ann says:

        what does that have to do with his lackluster accomplishments over they years..like an old drunk
        in a bar telling the same old story of his glory days…

      • Karl T says:

        Gordon is the driver of a 4 time champion crew chief. Since no longer being with Evernham he’s done virtually nothing.

        It was the right team with the right car with the right crew chief with the right driver at the right time.