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Logano To Be Booted From Chase?

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Wednesday, September 11 2013

Joey Logano now on the spot? (RacinToday/HHP file photo by Brian Lawdermilk)

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor

The final word on what happened on Saturday night in the Sprint Cup Series race at Richmond International Raceway may not yet have been spoken.

Fox Sports is reporting Wednesday afternoon that Joey Logano of Penske Racing may gotten into the Chase with help from David Gilliland and his team late in Saturday’s race.

According to Fox, two-way radio traffic between Gilliland and his Front Row Motorsports team has been uncovered which contains talk of Gilliland letting Logano past him late in the race in exchange for future considerations.

During the radio dialogue on Gilliland’s channel, a voice thought be to be crew chief Frank Kerr’s, tells the spotter to tell Logano’s spotter that the track position “better pay big.”

“The committee knows what I’ve been asking for,” the voice says.

“We’ve got the big dog and all his cronies,” the spotter replies.

The voice said to be Kerr’s then says: “Travis knows what I’ve been asking for,” an reference assumed to be Penske Racing competition director Travis Geisler.

A short time later, Logano passed Gilliland on a restart and finished 22nd.

Logano passed Gilliland after the final restart and was able to edge past Jeff Gordon in the bid for the final Chase berth.

As the drivers crossed the finish line, the 38 spotter said, ”Good job, good job, man. Hopefully we’ll get something out of that.”

Martin Truex Jr. was ousted from the Chase on Monday when NASCAR docked him 50 points because officials believed that his team, Michael Waltrip Racing, had manipulated the outcome of the race by having Clint Bowyer spin and force a caution on purpose, and having a Brian Vickers pit late in the race for no other reason that to advance Truex’s position.

Those penalties put Ryan Newman into the Chase in Truex’s spot.

On Wednesday, NASCAR issued the following statement about the situation:

“NASCAR is aware of reports about the #22 and #38 radio communications at Richmond International Raceway and is looking into it, but has yet to see anything in full context that requires any action.”

On Thursday morning, NASCAR issued this statement:

NASCAR is continuing to gather all the facts from last Saturday night’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR will have no further comment until all the facts have been examined.”

(This story will be updated as more information becomes available)

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Wednesday, September 11 2013


  • NASCAR No Credibility says:

    So another Ford team can’t help a Ford team?

    Jeff Burton did the exact same thing in Phoenix for Tony Stewart allowing Stewart to tie Carl Edwards in points the year Tony was given the championship due to the tie breaker yet now NASCAR has issue with this type of stuff.

    I guess as long as it helps a Chevy or Rick Hendrick it is OK but if it is helping a Ford it is not OK. No wonder Dodge pulled out of this sham called NASCAR.

  • bob says:

    if logano is out & crybaby jeffy is in it will just be another case of the 3 stooges brian helton &pemberton pandering to their boss hendrick

  • Rob says:

    I would say Thursday night, no matter what conclusive evidence NASCAR finds, is too late to change the drivers in the Chase. Teams have been preparing most of the week for either being in or out of the Chase and any “new” Chase drivers would be at a disadvantage (opening another can of worms). Changes do need to be made before next season. Teams are meant to help each other, but where are the lines drawn? What’s fair to HMS or Roush may not be fair to Petty or Furniture Row (and visa versa). No sport (or life) is fair to everyone. NASCAR does need to come up with something and more importantly, be consistant about it.

  • Keith says:

    If Nascar boots Joey from the Chase because his team cut a deal with another to help them then they will really open a can of worms. Then the next time a deal is made by a team or driver to let someone pass them to lead a lap, let them back on the lead lap, pit together or draft together they must be penalized also. The whole thing will get ridiculous if they set a bad precedent.

  • TERRY says:

    First of all Joey was already in the chase he had one win and was the highest in points so he would have been in and Newman and Truax would have been out. What about when Gordon spun Bowyer last year when he was in second and running for the champion ship??? How come all the Gordon fans forgot about that? That had a (ripple) affect in the chase.

  • Tom says:

    If the “alledged” intentional spin occured with 7 laps to go, why doesn’t Nascar just freeze the field at that point and award the points according to the running order. If Nascar then wants to further penalize MWR then have at it. It would then fall on the shoulders of the “Garage” to police future races. This would certainly send a very clear message to anyone involved with cheating that not just a few are affected but the whole sport is now in the spot light. I am a fan of the sport and this is just an ugly mar on it. I know the roots of the sport but I would certainly hope it has evolved beyond that.

  • baggs says:

    They opened a can of worms with the penalties against MWR. It goes on all the time, they just did it badly. I personally think those screaming the loudest, still days later, are the ones who do it the best and that’s why it blends into the background.

  • Groy says:

    Chevy and Toyota drivers have been letting their branded drivers pass for years if they were slowing down a faster car….the #22 was the faster car and he pulled away after the pass. Gordon does it all the with Hendricks cars…nothing new here.

  • James says:

    It’s so difficult to say where the line should be drawn if NASCAR keeps going down this road. They’ve almost painted themselves into a corner with the MWR now that someone else did the same sort of thing but not as blatant. So if they penalize Logano (and somehow Gilliland) does that mean they need to also penalize drivers who let their teammate pass them in the middle of the race to get bonus points for leading a lap? There isn’t much difference between that and letting someone pass right before the finish. To be clear, I’d much rather see Jeff Gordon in the chase than Joey Logano (I’ve never cared for him much) but I wonder where they will decide to draw the line. I think it will be drawn here and there will be no more penalties but I very well might be wrong.

  • Josie says:

    Ha! I can’t keep up with what went on Saturday night! I have a feeling NASCAR will worm their way out of this controversy with the much used excuse “no clear cut evidence”. Also, since they are dealing with Penske instead of Waltrip I think they will tippy toe around the “cheating” word and say it didn’t effect the 22 getting into The Chase. I would bet there’s at least a few other teams hoping it all ends here and the media and NASCAR don’t decide to go over every minute of radio transmission from Saturday night. If that happens we might just have Danica and Ricky running for more then just Rookie of the Year…they may just find themselves running for the championship!