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Castrol And John Force Parting Ways

| , RacinToday.com Tuesday, August 20 2013

John Force and Castrol will separate after next season. (RacinToday/HHP file photo by Harold Hinson)


Long-time sponsor Castrol announced Tuesday that it will sever its ties with the NHRA’s John Force Racing operation following the 2014 season. The announcement will end a relationship that stretches back almost 30 years.

“John Force has been the ultimate ambassador for the Castrol brand and we are grateful for his passion and dedication,” said Rich Pond, head of US marketing for Castrol, “but after twenty-nine successful years, we have decided to pursue new ways to engage with our consumers and customers, while still celebrating the superiority of Castrol motor oils.”

During his days with Castrol, Force and his organization captured a record 17 NHRA Funny Car championships with 15 won by John himself including 10 in-a-row. That is a record that no other sports team or athlete in the world has accomplished.

“Castrol has been with me for so long now, they really are part of the JFR family,” said John Force. “They’ve been there as my daughters have grown up with the Castrol name on all those cars for all those years. It’s gonna be tough to part ways, but I want to thank them for being a great partner.

“All of us are going to stay focused on the rest of the 2013 season and on winning a final championship for Castrol in 2014. It’s far from over. We’ve had a great past but I believe we also have a great future. I’m just going to keep doing my job and we’ll see who’s ready to be part of our success going forward.”

Through the end of their current agreement in 2014, both John and Brittany Force will continue to represent the Castrol brand.

Tuesday’s announcement represents a second bit of bad news for JFR this summer. Ford Racing announced last month the end of its support of NHRA’s Pro Nitro classes after the 2014 season, while continuing to back Sportsman racing.

| , RacinToday.com Tuesday, August 20 2013


  • gary martin says:

    newest rumors say Castrol is dropping jfr due to some 200,000 negative tweets,emails,etc. about a recent article. 1st I am a 50yr old married man of 28yrs my wife nor I were offended by said article like past articles it was quite tastefully done. 2nd I was at a local racing event this week cordova’s world series of drag racing 60yrs running 20,000+ in attendance I asked as many of the racers and fans if they had any negative comments none were to be had and yes I asked more women than men. 3rd do the folks at Castrol really believe that any of the negative commenters even buy their product my opinion probly not oh yea same opinion at the track. 4th I have been purchasing Castrol oil since I was 16yrs old now at 50yrs I purchase about 45 to 50 gallons a year a mere drop in the bucket to what the 200,000 negative tweeters purchase im sure but I have no problem purchasing my oil from whom ever is castrols biggest competitor after 2014.last john and his family represent whats best in this sport and in this country family,good values,and hard work, its a shame Castrol doesn’t care to be a part of that. with that being said Castrol can KISS MY dollar good by, thought I was gonna say something else,i to have family,good values,hard work, the smart money on you john and your family keep up the good work, americans still need a hero.

  • Merl Hall says:

    Rich Pond, head of US marketing for Castrol, “but after twenty-nine successful years, we have decided to pursue new ways to engage with our consumers and customers, while still celebrating the superiority of Castrol motor oils.”

    Well Mr. Pond it seems that after 29 years of success there is only one other way to be and that is UNsuccessful…. I don’t understand how you can engage with your consumers and customers other then auto racing ! drag racing ! highest performance demand of engines ! the proof that the oil is a part of the most winning racing team. That is the best marketing tool to impress your consumers and customers.
    The last time door to door sales ( I understand ) doesn’t really work any more so good luck tryin to convence people that your oil is the best when it doesn’t sponsor the best. I agree with Jack maybe its time to engage in other oils because maybe the castrol oil just isnt what it used to be

  • Dick says:

    John will land on both feet! And I imagine the next sponsors will line up outside his office door.

  • Samndbo says:

    Looks like the taxpayers will still sponsor the Army car though !!

  • Dan Evans says:

    I wish JFR well! Also what Mr Force said about this web site was spot on. I enjoy It and thanks to all who put this on.

  • Jack W Smith says:

    I never saw that coming! Ford, has been known to pull back every often, but Castrol? I hate to tell the folks at Castrol this, but the reason I buy their products is due to their support of JFR! I guess I shall change too! Shame on you folks!!