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Flag to Flag: Richmond

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, May 2 2009

YNH400_Lockups REVISEDWatching the Crown Royal 400 tonight?

Nick Bromberg is.

Join him for all the action.

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, May 2 2009


  • Well, that’s all from me this evening. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at Nick_racintoday for my random racing-related thoughts during the week, and I’ll be back next week for the Five Hours at Darlington.

  • “Cut the cheese and pour the wine?”

    Did DW really mean that in a good context?

    Anyway, Shrub wins for the third time this season. Stewart finishes second and Burton finishes third.

  • Now Burton is pressuring Stewart, so Stewart has to worry about Burton and not the lead.

    And now DW has said that Stewart and Burton have used up their tires right after he said that they had something left.


  • If I can trust the lap times from the booth, Stewart won’t get Busch if it stays green. Who knows.

  • Stewart gets by Burton for second.


  • Holy crap! Is that a Casey Mears sighting near the top 10?

  • 3.5 seconds in 23 green flag laps? Really Darrell? You think Burton and Stewart could get there?

    And now he rescinds the statement. *sigh*

  • Hamlin has fallen like a rock towards the back. He is toast.

    If we get a caution, Gordon is going to have a hard time with Burton and Stewart. Well, Burton just got by Gordon, and Stewart is about to. So if we get a caution, Burton and Stewart may have something for Busch.

  • Larry beats the “Tony Stewart is having a lot of success” Barbaro once again.

  • The racing from 7th through 13th is the best racing you’ll see all season. This is great door-to-door-nose-to-tail action.

    Because of all that racing, Gordon now has a bit of a cushion on Jeff Burton and Tony Stewart, who both have been flying through the field.

  • Shrub spins the tires, and Jeff Gordon can’t capitalize and falls back.

    Gordon is done, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall out of the top five if we stay green the whole way.

    Ha! Who am I kidding. A caution is inevitable.

  • Franchise hits the wall

    Caution #15


  • Kyle Busch goes for the lead right after the restart from third and may have it in a couple of laps, provided he doesn’t hit Gordon.

  • Gordon still leads with 56 to go after finally clearing the lapped car of AJ Allmendinger.

    Gordon is going to have to..

    Caution. Again.