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Danica’s Schedule Dependent On NASCAR Schedule

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, September 10 2011

Details of Danica Patrick's plans for next year will be announced after the 2012 schedule is announced. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Harold Hinson)

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer

RICHMOND, Va. – Danica Patrick, who is moving to NASCAR’s Nationwide Series full time in 2012, said Friday her limited Sprint Cup schedule wouldn’t be determined until NASCAR released next year’s schedule in its entirety.

“Go Daddy’s input is important (in determining the schedule) and they’ll play a part, but they’re also respectful enough to understand that I’m the driver and the team owners are drivers, too, and they’re not NASCAR professionals necessarily” Patrick said about her sponsor. “Taking the advice of those around me who have been in the sport for a long time, they realize that’s the smart thing to do, too, and they don’t stand in the way.”

When Patrick discussed her limited Cup schedule with team owner Tony Stewart, he suggested going to the tougher tracks, such as Darlington, Dover or Bristol, so she could start learning them.

“That means I’m really going to look like crap out there,” Patrick said with a laugh.

Patrick expects her schedule to come together rather quickly once NASCAR has released the 2012 Sprint Cup dates.

“Obviously, the Nationwide Series is the focus, so sometimes when there is a conflicting weekend of locations I’m going to be in the Nationwide Series,” Patrick continued. “I’m not going to put my hand up for going to a tough track and flying in an airplane back-and-forth. First off, I don’t own an airplane. That’s expensive and a lot of work. I’m going to be getting familiar with many tracks in Nationwide anyway, so I don’t think that’s what I’ll want to do.”

Patrick admitted she had thought about what it would be like at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Oct. 16 when she steps from her Indy Car for the final time.

“I have been, more than anything, just excited about the future and excited about getting to NASCAR,” she said. “My tough days I’m thinking to myself, ‘I can’t wait to get there.’ But I’m sure there will be those bittersweet feelings at Vegas, especially being a mile and a half, which are tracks that I really like to race on in Indy Car. Being the last one, I’m sure there will be those feelings, but at the end of the day I’ve chosen to race NASCAR because that’s what I have the most fun doing and that’s what I really want to do.”

– Deb Williams can be reached at dwilliams@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, September 10 2011
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