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Pedley: Danica Questions Are Getting Irksome

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Sunday, August 21 2011

Danica Patrick is at Michigan International Speedway in spirit this weekend. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Harold Hinson)

BROOKLYN, Mich. – Want to incur the wrath of a Sprint Cup driver these days? Ask about Danica Patrick.

That’s because while some fans and, basically, everybody with a notebook or microphone in hand wants to know about the IndyCar femme’s future, drivers are getting darn sick of the topic and the questions.

Like Tony Stewart, co-owner/driver over at Stewart Haas Racing. Rumor has it, Patrick may drive a Cup car for him in the near future.

At his media availability, the first question he was asked was about Patrick, a one-time winner in IndyCar who has dabbled part time with NASCAR this year.

“It’s like I’ve always said when we have something to tell everybody we’ll tell them but there’s nothing to tell yet,” Stewart said. “I know there’s a lot of speculation but there is nothing to really talk about yet.”

Not content with that answer, the questioner insisted that his sources had heard Patrick was headed Stewart’s way.

“I don’t care about your sources,” Stewart said. “When we have something to talk about we’ll talk about it. I promise we won’t leave any of you guys out I promise.”

Nope, not taking that for answer. Will the annoucement be soon?

If you see Tony Stewart this weekend, avoid the Danica Patrick questions. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Gregg Ellman)

“What will be soon? I don’t know,” Stewart said, irritation level rising. “I don’t know. If we knew that we’d already be talking about it wouldn’t we. When we have something to talk about I promise you I will not let any of you be late for the deal.”

One more, Mr. Stewart: You are obviously looking to add a third team.

Mr. Stewart: “We’ve said that from day one. We’ve never wavered from that, never said anything different from that. We’re definitely to a third team and want to be a four-car team eventually.”

Then it was Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s turn to get the Danicaed.

Patrick’s foray into NASCAR has been with Earnhardt’s Nationwide Series team. Rumor has it that Patrick could spend the full season with that team in 2012.


“There ain’t been no announcement yet so I don’t know why you would go report that,” Earnhardt said. “We’ve enjoyed working with her and would love to keep working with her.  When there’s something to announce, they’ll announce it and we’ll just wait until that happens I guess.”

Why wait? Earnhardt was asked: “Hypothetically, let’s say it was going to…

Earnhardt: “I don’t deal in hypotheticals. I can’t do you no favors today.”

Finally, Carl Edwards was approached. Apparently, his recent free agency situation made him worth of talking about Danica. At least one questioner thought so.

He was asked: What do you think of the Danica news?

He answered: “What is the Danica news?

That she will come full time to Nationwide and part time to Cup next year and then full Cup season in 2013.

Edwards, rolling his eyes: “So is this a rumor guys or did Danica say what she is doing? You know what I am going to do, because of what I just learned with my contract? I am going to just wait to see what Danica has to say. That is what I am going to do.”

And with that, Edwards was out the door. Not going with him were the Danica rumors, the latest being her decision will be announced on Wednesday.

– Jim Pedley can be reached at jpedley@racintoday.com

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Sunday, August 21 2011


  • Steve says:

    Ever think that the drivers are sick of talking about it because the media won’t let it go. The media acts like there is this big conspiracy that they are all keeping info from the media about what danica is going to do.

    Every driver that was mentioned in this article said the same thing essentially. When they have something to add, they will let the media know. But you can’t accept that and now you spin an article that trying to get the public hating on danica saying the drivers are upset about her. Sorry not buying that one. Danica is not the problem. Its the media.

  • Nascar3 says:

    You know what, every single one of you that is bad mouthing Danica couldn’t even get in the darn car to begin with. She has more talent than you ever could have at racing. So she won a race on Fuel Millage …Who cares, she still won. You go take her trophy away Or got tell Tony Stewart that he can keep any of the trophies he’s won doing it with fuel millage strategy !!!

    Get real guys…Danica is a true racer regardless of where she ranks in IndyCar right now she’s still better than half the field and when she ends up in Nascar I’m sure that she will be able to finish somewhere in the top 20 or 15. Just remember to not crucify her for the first two years, she needs the seat time and the learning curve. Look at Kasey Khane, Tony Stewart, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, hell…Dale Earnhardt Sr…They all took 2 to 3 years to mature in the sport…Now chill out, get back on your lazyboy, get the lint out of your belly buttons and STFU !

  • Ray Saloomey says:

    As a long-time fan of all forms of motor racing, I’ve followed IndyCar racing for many years. Danica Patrick is not even the Derrick Cope of Indycar – at least he won an important race in his Cup career. She won a fuel mileage race at Twin Ring Motegi – any of those reporters ever been to Twin Ring Motegi? or even heard of it??? I think most of the folks in IndyCar will be glad when she’s gone – other than the series getting a little less ‘Press Coverage’.

  • Chris Fiegler says:

    Why is Danica Patrick Happier to Race in NASCAR than in IndyCar? I Can’t Understand. What is it is NASCAR Safer than IndyCar?

  • Chris Fiegler says:

    Why is it That Danica Patrick is Happier Racing in NASCAR than IndyCar I Can’t Understand? What is NASCAR Safer than IndyCar?

  • steven says:

    Casey Mears in a dress!!! lol I’d say Mr. Racing knows what’s up.

  • Mr. Racing says:

    The drivers may be tired of you and your colleagues questions, but there is good news! Those same drivers will be fighting for first thru fifth, or below 6th place.

    Danica’s sponsor money is essentially buying her a ride, and no one wants to talk about it. Too bad she couldn’t hook up with Gillette-although “Young Guns” may not be quite PC.

    Celebrity obsession aside, she will be a complete non-event, at RACING.

    Casey Mears in a dress.

    • Tyler West says:

      Yeah, this whole Danica thing is so stupid. She sucks!! I’m so sick and tired of everyone kissing her butt for nothing. It’s obvious that the folks at Go Daddy are stupid, they like wasting huge amounts of cash. John Roberts and Kenny Wallace make me want to throw-up!! They are pathetic! She and Dale Jr. are total wastes of time. The biggest thing wrong in racing is that it has become all about hype and not wins. She sucks and so does GoDaddy.

  • Doug says:

    IF these reporters wanted to find out about a lady why not ask how Linda Petty is doing? Richard Petty not being in winners circle the last two weekends is very telling…