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Armijo: David, Thanks For Everything

| , RacinToday.com Wednesday, April 29 2009
Mark Armijo   

Mark Armijo

By Mark Armijo | Senior Correspondent

I don’t have nearly as many stories to share as my RacinToday.com colleagues Rick Minter and Larry Woody wrote in their wonderful tributes to David Poole. I didn’t know David nearly as long and rarely saw him more than once or twice a year when we crossed paths either at Phoenix International Raceway, Daytona International Speedway or at Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400.

But I feel it is safe say that I don’t think I’m taking a back seat to anyone when it comes to feeling the loss of such a great person and friend.

It was David who telephoned me several years ago with a late-night tip he’d heard regarding the status of PIR being granted a second race. It was February and I was covering a National Hot Rod Association drag race for The Arizona Republic at Firebird International Raceway.

It was nearly 8 p.m., which meant it must near 10 p.m. in North Carolina. David, as I grew to learn, was like that. If an important bit of news was breaking, no matter the hour, he was apt to give a friend a call.

I remember thanking David for the tip, but now I wonder if I thanked him enough. I hope I did.

I hope somewhere along the road I let him know how much I thought of his work and of his generosity, and how much I appreciated the time and expense he took to personally mail me a copy of a book he wrote about Tim Richmond.

I hope I smiled enough to let him know how good it was to see him again at PIR or Daytona or Indy after not seeing him for so many months earlier.

I hope he knew how respected he was by the racing industry and how doubly respected he was by other reporters.

And I hope he knew how much I respected him; how much I admired him.

I didn’t see David two weeks ago at PIR. With such a late Saturday night starting time, David didn’t travel to the race.

But we still were able to speak on the telephone via the Sirius NASCAR satellite radio show airwaves he hosted weekday mornings. I didn’t know then — none of us knew — that it would be the last 15 minutes I’d ever have with David.

But if I somehow had known then what sadly we all know now, I would have told him something I’d never told him before.

I would have told him how thankful I was to be his friend.

| , RacinToday.com Wednesday, April 29 2009
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