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Efforts To Save Nashville Track Are Amped Up

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Monday, June 27 2011

Nashville record producer Mike Curb, center, is intent on saving a venerable old race track. (Photo courtesy of NASCAR)

Nashville – Two high-profile backers with links to the music and racing industry have thrown their support behind Fairgrounds Speedway to try to enhance its long-range future.

Mike Curb, one of the nation’s premier music moguls and co-owner of Baker Curb Racing, has joined Scott Borchetta, another prominent music promoter and former racer, as the track’s co-sponsors.

The track will officially become “Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, Sponsored by Curb Sports Inc. and BigMachineRecords.com”

More important than the new name and new logo is the attention and credibility Curb and Borchetta bring to the track. As one track spokesman said, anytime someone of the stature of Mike Curb is involved in a project, it gives it instant credibility.

It was Curb who in 1984 arranged for President Ronald Reagan to attend the July Pepsi 400 at Daytona. Curb, at the time California’s Lieutenant Governor, posed with Reagan and race winner Richard Petty in Victory Lane after the race – one of the most famous photos in NASCAR history.

Curb also supported Dale Earnhardt’s first championship effort and has remained active as a sponsor and team owner over the years. He is partner with Gary Baker in a Nashville-based Nationwide Series team, although the car is currently parked while a new sponsor is sought.

Borchetta, one of the nation’s top entertainment promoters, is a former driver at the Fairgrounds. He won the track’s truck series championship and has long been active in local motorsports.

The Metro-owned track was scheduled to be closed last year but was granted a reprieve thanks in part to support from Darrell Waltrip and Sterling Marlin, both former track champions. This year Bobby Hamilton Jr. and Chad Chaffin obtained a two-year lease to operate the facility.

The track’s long-term future will be decided on Aug. 4 election day by Nashville voters. They can support Mayor Karl Dean’s proposal to demolish the track as part of a Fairgrounds redevelopment, or vote to keep the track and facility intact.

The track is running a limited schedule this season. Its next event is Saturday, July 2.

For a complete schedule of events and times, or for other information visit www.fairgroundsspeedwayusa.com or call (615) 942-7310.

– Larry Woody can be reached at lwoody@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Monday, June 27 2011


  • Mr. Tony Geinzer says:

    I know compared to a year or even a year and a half ago, the likelihood of Nashville living to see her 60th is rosier, but, I would like to call National Attention to the Nashville Cause by maybe having a race on what would have been or could be Super Bowl Sunday. It is a supreme lurch, but, I want Sprint Cup in Nashville more than Montreal.

  • Sue Rarick says:

    Thanks for the article. We Nashville race fans need all the support we can get. It’s a tough fight with a Mayor that is bound and determined to put up a developement …..with plenty of open space already going without leases. But it is a pet project of his.

    • randy binkley says:

      Everything was pretty accurate in this piece ,except for one line…The track was granted a reprieve, because of a grassroots effort to save the track..Without friends,and fans of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway stepping up to the plate,then all the Nascar driver’s in he world wouldn’t have saved our beloved racetrack..This truly was a bottom up formula of a success that saved NFS.I couldnt think of a more exciting,and human interest story for Larry Woody to write about,than what took place over the past year… inside Nashville’s local racing community(fans and friends)