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Ingram: Childress Puts NASCAR In A Headlock

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Monday, June 6 2011

Richard Childress and Austin Dillon watch the STP 400 at Kansas from the roof of Clint Bowyer's hauler. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Alan Marler)

By Jonathan Ingram | Senior Writer

From the Monday Morning Crew Chief™:

Owning a Sprint Cup team is such a challenging undertaking that it’s required to be a labor of love as well as dedication. In a somewhat bizarre twist to this fact of racing life, team owner Richard Childress demonstrated his passion by pounding Kyle Busch in the garage at the Kansas Speedway.

One wonders if Busch’s own team owner, former NFL coach Joe Gibbs, was tempted to do the same thing a week or so earlier after being informed his driver got caught exceeding the speed limit by 83 mph near Mooresville, N.C.

In addition to extraordinary driving talent and ambition, Busch tends to draw retaliation. He ended up at Joe Gibbs Racing, for instance, because Rick Hendrick elected to fire a 22-year-old Busch, already regarded as extremely talented, for turning a deaf ear to the team owner’s leadership. Busch went on to win eight races in his first season with Gibbs, but the Hendrick team was still glad to see him elsewhere and continued to win championships.

Childress’s punch after the Truck Series race in Kansas will go down in the pantheon of fights that open with one punch and close shortly afterward, such as Jimmie Spencer clouting Kurt Busch in the

Joey Coulter and team owner Richard Childress at Kansas. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Alan Marler)

pits at Michigan in 2003 and Tony Stewart punching Kurt Busch in the NASCAR hauler five years later.

There’s a theme here. The Busch brothers tend to make folks angry enough to elicit a punch. What’s different in this case is the involvement of a team owner, one who had to know in advance that his actions would be determinental to the sport in the eyes of NASCAR officials and that his actions would draw a severe penalty.

You have to wonder if Childress is consciously trying to fire up his team by getting kicked out of the garage – pending NASCAR’s official announcement of penalties – in the same way a baseball manager chews the umpire’s ear until he gets tossed out. But the situation is more analogous to a manager bumping or striking an umpire. By punching Kyle Busch, Childress was dissing NASCAR officials.

At Darlington this spring, Busch wrecked two of Richard Childress Racing’s cars during and after the race. Despite all appearances, Busch declined to accept responsibility for intentionally spinning Kevin Harvick’s Chevy on the track – before putting it into the wall on the pit road. Both Busch and Harvick ended up with the same NASCAR probation, which evidently continues to rankle Childress.

Last year, Harvick was within shouting distance of the championship and Jimmie Johnson at Homestead, where Kyle Busch ran Harvick hard and close despite NASCAR’s ongoing request that drivers not involved in the title run give the contenders ample room in the season finale.

At Kansas on Saturday, Busch evidently decided to let RCR driver Joey Coulter know he didn’t

Richard Childress has put NASCAR on the spot. (RacinToday/HHP file photo by Gregg Ellman)

appreciate the rookie’s driving by tapping the RCR Chevy’s rear bumper on the cool down lap. Not content to let NASCAR’s lukewarm probation take care of Busch’s actions, Childress then let Busch have it in the garage, reportedly after being careful to take off his rings. After the punch, there was a headlock and more punching.

Who, Childress seemed to be asking, is Kyle Busch to be telling others how to behave?

There seems to be a larger issue of self-imposed pressure for Childress. At this year’s NASCAR Spint Media Tour in January, the team owner all but predicted a championship in the season beginning with the 10th anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt in the 2001 Daytona 500. So far, Harvick is on track to being in the thick of a title run at Homestead this year and perhaps will bring RCR its first championship since the days of Earnhardt. RCR’s Clint Bowyer is again in the running – as well as Kyle Busch.

I tend to think Childress has put NASCAR in a headlock just as he did Busch the younger in the Kansas garage. He’s made his point about Busch being a loose cannon, a driver who constantly tweaks NASCAR and its officials at the track or elsewhere, such as on the pit road at Darlington or on the roads near Mooresville. As for any penalties for Childress, they will only serve to rally Richard Childress Racing around its owner.

It was Harvick who looked hapless in Darlington while fruitlessly trying to punch Busch on the pit road. Busch simply motored away and wrecked Harvick’s Chevy by hitting it in the rear bumper. Childress finally landed that punch in Kansas.

Quote(s) of the Week: “We decided to let Richard stay, because there does need to be leadership of an organization represented, which, you know, historically we rely on crew chiefs. But since both organizations have multiple teams, we decided that it would be better if there was an authority from the team here. And there’s not a second level authority present this weekend from his organization. Joe Gibbs is here from Joe Gibbs Racing, and we chose to allow Richard to participate today.” –NASCAR President Mike Helton on the decision not to exclude Richard Childress from the garage at Kansas on Sunday.

“I feel pretty confident that it’s going to take really two wins to guarantee your way into (the Chase).  So obviously we’ve got to do this again, and that ain’t easy. So I like the system. And I feel good about our chances. We just gotta keep moving forward and that’s what it’s all about.” – Kansas Sprint Cup winner Brad Keselowski on his chances of making the Chase on victories, which will also require a Top 20 finish in the points.

See ya! …At the races.

– Jonathan Ingram can be reached at jingram@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Monday, June 6 2011


  • Don Smith says:

    If I may make an additional comment-
    Since 2001 Nascar seems to be drifting in the wind. They change rules about as often as Goodyear changes tires.
    Instead of constant catering to the wishes of the “new” fans they wish to attract, why not worry about those of us who came along when the sport was growing.
    Mr Helton, stop governing by the “whim of the day” and dance with what brung ya.

  • Marvin says:

    Jonathan maybe you can get to Mike Helton (since we fans can’t)and let him know that Nascar is losing millions of fans due to their politics and partiality of the most arrogant driver around today. I am through watching them protect the little jerk. If it wasn’t for men like Richard Nascar wouldn’t even be here today.

  • Paul says:

    Way to go Richard!! Dale would be proud of you!

  • Peter moorehead says:

    This will not hurt nascar at all it just have at boys.Richard is no different just cause he a car oner.He has had enough of Kyle running over his equipment.It’s that simple.With that said i think Richard doing a good job at what he does.

  • Frank Ucci says:

    For those of you troubled by Richard Childers’ “spanking” of Kyle Busch, I’d like to recommend the Lifetime channel for next weekend. They’re showing the highlights of the 2010 Women’s Open knitting championship.

  • Don Smith says:

    This is the way it used to be in NASCAR.
    Don’t rough up someone on the track if you don’t pack the gear to answer for it after the race.
    Kile’s face just invites a punch anyway.

  • Wayne Klawes says:

    Way to go Richard – wiping the smirk of the punks homely face !! Too bad he’s such a wimp and relies on his crying abilities to Nascar brass !!!

  • Kyle=owned says:

    So Kyle wants to “love tap” other drivers and cause damage to RC
    equipment. Fair is fair. Richard was just giving Kyle a “love tap” and doing a little damage to the Busch equipment. NASCAR needs to get off their a $ $ about this. I’m sure now that Kyle knows Richard will give him tap for tap, they can reach an “understanding”. LMAO!

    • ed g says:

      Interesting argument. Do you suppose Richard Childress would like to pay for all of the damage Dale Earnhardt caused to others or get punched in the face for every wreck Dale caused? Likely not, but as you say, fair is fair.

  • Roger L Haney says:

    Richard,you de man,Bush had it coming for a long time,i hope Nascar can see thru what Kyle Bush has been doing ,a spoiled bratt that needed a whipping.

  • Louis says:

    Why isn’t Childress in jail or at least arrested? If a fan walked up to Busch or Childress and punched them three times they’d be hauled away by one of the many state troopers or security personnel at a NASCAR event?

    Regardless of whether or not KB “deserved” to be punched, we still have laws don’t we? RC wasn’t suited up in his hockey gear and there’s was no WWE match scheduled in Kansas.

  • Peter Welker says:

    I think this kind of Publicity will hurt Nascar.