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Transcript: Mike Helton On Altercation At Kansas Speedway

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Sunday, June 5 2011

Mike Helton talked about Childress vs. Busch at Kansas Sunday morning. (File photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)

Kansas City, Kan. – NASCAR president Mike Helton met the press in the Kansas Speedway media center on Sunday morning. The subject was the altercation which occurred between driver Kyle Busch and team-owner Richard Childress following Saturday’s Nationwide Series race.

The following is the compete transcript of Helton’s press conference:

MIKE HELTON: Good morning. Let me just make a brief statement and take a couple of questions.

Obviously after last night’s incident, we began looking into it through the evening, and as recent as 15 minutes ago, meeting with different parties. We concluded that the driver of the 18 truck, Kyle Busch, did nothing to provoke or to cause the reactions that, in our opinion, would have violated probation. Did nothing that would have warranted the actions of Richard Childress.

And so we’ll have to – once we get today’s race concluded, which is the focus of today, we’ll have to decide what NASCAR’s reaction is to Richard Childress as a member of NASCAR in an action against another NASCAR member.

The biggest topic today, certainly, through the conversations outside of the incident itself was to be sure that today’s event went on correctly and safely for everybody involved, and both the Richard Childress Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing organizations, we have made it clear to them that our expectations is that both Joe Gibbs and Richard Childress meet with their teams to be sure that nobody from their organizations felt like there was anything that needed to be done from their side.

So we’ll focus on today’s race now, and then quickly, maybe more quickly than normal, come back with our reaction as it relates to NASCAR member Richard Childress.

Q. What was NASCAR’s perception of what happened on the cooldown lap between Joey Coulter and Kyle?

MIKE HELTON: That kind of falls under the statement that I made that we don’t think Kyle did anything to violate his probation on the racetrack yesterday.

Q. Obviously one of the things in the rule book, states that you guys can do is an emergency action and can eject an individual, one of the things it says you can eject for is for fighting. Can you explain why you didn’t eject Richard, and does this not fall under fighting with what you’ve been able to uncover?

MIKE HELTON: It does. And we do have that ability, and incidents even beyond fighting, to feel like if we needed to do that, we could, and that was considered in this case.

And what will happen today is that Richard will operate as the owner of Richard Childress Racing with some restrictions attached to it as to where he may go or not go.

But we decided to let Richard stay, because there does need to be leadership of an organization represented, which, you know, historically we rely on crew chiefs. But since both organizations have multiple teams, we decided that it would be better if there was an authority from the team here. And there’s not a second level authority present this weekend from his organization; Joe Gibbs is here from Joe Gibbs Racing, and we chose to allow Richard to participate today.

Q. You said what Kyle did on the track is not a violation of his probation, but what goes on in the garage, does that not have any factor.

MIKE HELTON: Unless you know something we don’t know, I’m not sure what he did in the garage that would have been in question.

Q. What have you been told went on in the it garage?

MIKE HELTON: I’m not to go into all of the details. I’m just saying we have not seen anything that indicated Kyle violated his probation on the racetrack yesterday or even in the garage areas yesterday.

Q. Are we looking at Kyle as Kyle Busch driver, rather than Kyle Busch owner, because Kyle Busch driver does have a history with the RCR company that dates back to Darlington. I think that’s kind of where it hit the crescendo when he was put on probation. So are we looking at Kyle Busch driver, Kyle Busch owner, Kyle Busch competitor in general?

MIKE HELTON: We look at him as members of NASCAR. Kyle Busch is a member of NASCAR, other drivers, crew members, car owners are members of NASCAR. Our authority is around NASCAR members and that’s the way we look at them as NASCAR members.

Certainly we investigate to get the totality of everything we need to make a decision. The reaction from NASCAR is focused on what happened yesterday.

Q. Has fighting in the garage as something that used to be part of NASCAR, people would scrap it out all the time, has that changed with the current era in sports, that you simply have to look at the bigger picture and can’t allow what you did years ago? Because a lot of that went on.

MIKE HELTON: I think throughout the history of NASCAR, we have gone through cycles of everything, including tempers in the garage and on the racetracks, and I think our responsibility lies in reacting to those trends, and if it is a trends that we feel like escalates, then we have a history of stepping in and turning those trends around.

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Sunday, June 5 2011


  • slanderq. libel says:

    I just watched a video of it. Now I know his mouth moved, and many, many words come out of his mouth, but all I heard was “I’m not going to punish Kryle. Because of him, the profits from NASCAR keep me flush with bourbon and cocaine…”

  • Marybeth says:

    It is not as if Richard decided that he wanted to punch someone & went out & punched the first guy he came across. He went to find KB for a reason, many reasons actually. That means Richard is not the instigator in this case.

    Mike Helton will make a decision…right after he gets done laughing. :)

  • Terry says:

    I just want to read the part where Kyle goes…..
    ” Ow..ow..ouch..ow…somebody get this old man off me…..ow ..ow….
    my nose…. ow my nose is broke….Joe ..where’s Joe!!….mommy!!!!”