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Reports: Busch and Childress In Post-Race Fight

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Saturday, June 4 2011

Richard Childress reportedly in scuffle with Kyle Busch after Kansas truck race. (File photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Kansas City, Kan. – The Twitter universe flared up Saturday evening with reports that NASCAR team owner Richard Childress and driver Kyle Busch got into a physical altercation following the Camping World Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway.

The reports had Childress punching Busch in the face.

An unidentified crew member from another truck team told RacinToday.com that Busch was in a headlock and was being pounded “pretty good.”

NASCAR public relations staffer Kerry Tharp said that NASCAR is looking into the reports.

Busch and Joey Coulter, who drives a Richard Childress Racing truck, got into an on-track altercation during the O’Reilly Auto Parts 250.

Busch apparently did not like the move which Coulter used to get past him late in the race. He gave Coulter’s car a bump on the cool-down lap.

Coulter finished fifth in the event and Busch sixth.

The anger then carried over into the infield after the race, according to the Twitter and other reports.

There, the altercations reportedly occurred well after the race.

A team spokesman for RCR said the team had no comment on the reports.

There has been bad blood between the Childress team and Busch before this year. During the Sprint Cup race at Darlington, Busch and RCR driver Kevin Harvick got involved in bumping incidents.

That resulted in Harvick blocking Busch’s car in the pits after the race. Harvick got out of this car, approached Busch’s and when he reached it, Harvick threw a punch. Just as he did, Busch gunned his engine and rammed Harvick’s car out of the way. Busch then drove off.

Both drivers were put on probation for the incident.

– Jim Pedley can be reached at jpedley@racintoday.com

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Saturday, June 4 2011


  • Terry says:

    I never thought I’d say this ever……
    RICHARD CHILDRESS is my new hero.
    Kinda hypocritical considering #3 was his driver ….BUT….
    since it was Kyle Busch I overlook it…..
    No girl pushing but OLD SCHOOL nose busting….good job RC…

  • nick babcock says:

    Good job childress thats what the PUNK needs!!!

  • just me says:

    Time for Kyle Busch to get himself a lawyer and file legal assault charges against Richard Childress for this off the track incident, and also for Kevin Harvick for a couple of weeks ago for both of them attempting and carrying out post race physical assaults on him. It’s time for the U.S. courts to step in. NASCAR is worthless. They enjoy it like pigs rolling in mud.

    Hope Childress loses his owner’s license. LAWSUIT KYLE, LAWSUIT GO FOR IT, take some of that RCR money for your truck team R&D.

    • Beserker SDMFr says:

      Are you serious?!?!? Charges?? Really? Kyle Busch is not only the biggest punk ass, cry baby driver NASCAR will ever see, but he committed vehicular assault against both drivers if you want to get technical.

      I hope Kyle’s license is suspended due to HIS actions. Come on “Just Me” is your head that deep in the sand or else where. WAKE UP!!!

    • Connie says:

      Kyle is worthless and shouldn’t be allowed on the track. He is like a little kid. Some say he is like Earnhardt Sr but Sr had more class in his little finger than Kyle will ever have.

    • Really says:

      I am sure your boy Kyle Busch already has at least one lawyer considering he thinks it is cute to speed on residential streets. You have issues of your own if this brat is your favorite driver. Unfortunatly it is not just you. Richard Childress was probably got tired of this brat and could not resist “taking him to the woodshed”