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Busch, Gibbs Issue Apologies For Speeding Incident

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Thursday, May 26 2011

Fans in the campground near Charlotte Motor Speedway had some fun with the Kyle Busch situation on Thursday. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Christa L Thomas)

By Deb Williams | Senior Writer

Concord, N.C. – NASCAR team owner Joe Gibbs sat solemnly in the back of Charlotte Motor Speedway’s media center Thursday, listening intently to Kyle Busch calmly and, yes, humbly answer questions about the ticket he received earlier this week for speeding

128 mph in a 45 mph zone and careless and reckless driving.

Gibbs doesn’t hesitate to describe the situation as “a serious issue.”

Busch also appears to understand the ramifications. If convicted of the misdemeanors he could lose his driver’s license for a designated period of time.

Throughout the press conference, Busch reiterated he was sorry for his actions and “lack of judgment.” That the incident was something he could learn from and “hopefully, move forward and not let happen again.”

Gibbs, who coached the NFL Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl titles, and Busch said they had discussed penalties for the 26-year-old driver.

“We’re working through the process of that now and looking at what might be done later on down the road,” Busch said.

Gibbs noted there was a great deal to consider.

Kyle Busch has been dogged by his speeding incident. He talked to the media about it on Thursday.

“I’m hoping that something positive will come out of this,” Gibbs continued. “In other words, there may be different organizations to reach out to young people driving.”

For Busch, the criticism of his actions are coming from the general public, his peers and his older brother.

“All of us drivers have a responsibility as being role models to what we can teach our youth on the roadways,” Kurt Busch said. “I feel like he definitely understands the mistake that he made and that speed is supposed to be saved for here at the race track and putting on a good show. Whatever comes of it, he has his court date and things will be ironed out.”

Kevin Harvick, who has experienced several on-track incidents with Kyle Busch, remarked that “some people are their own worst enemy when it comes to being responsible as a person or as a business person or anything that comes with life’s responsibilities.”

“Since I’ve been about 16 or 17 years old, I haven’t been into really driving fast down the highway or anything reckless on the road,” Harvick continued. “It’s not really the place to do that. I’ve never driven a vehicle 120 plus down the highway. It could put a lot of people in a bad situation.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was one driver who admitted he had exceeded the speed limit on a

Dale Earnhardt Jr. owns up to speeding. (RacinToday/HHP photo by Alan Marler)

public highway, but had been lucky enough not to have been caught. He then said he didn’t think he had reached 128 mph.

“I didn’t know if we had enough straight road in North Carolina to get going that quick, but apparently there is a piece somewhere,” Earnhardt Jr. remarked.

Kyle Busch was cited Tuesday afternoon by an Iredell County Sheriff’s deputy for traveling at the high rate of speed on a two-lane road in the Lake Norman area. The yellow Lexus sports car he was driving has been billed by the manufacturer as possessing 552 horsepower and an acceleration speed of  0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. The Lexus company Website lists the car’s top speed at 202 mph.

On the citation, the Iredell County Sheriff’s deputy who issued it stated that Busch told him “it’s just a toy.”

Thursday, Busch was asked to explain the remark.

“Well, it was a car that was on loan to me from Lexus and it wasn’t that it was a toy, it’s a high performance vehicle and that shouldn’t be taken lightly,” Busch said. “(It) should be driven with caution. Obviously, I didn’t have caution and I had a lack in judgment and there’s probably a reason why on TV commercials and such they always show at the bottom, professional driver, closed course. Mine was not that. Again, I apologize sincerely to all those affected and that all I can do is try to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that I make sure that lack of judgment doesn’t overcome me.”

Busch is scheduled to appear in Iredell County District Court on July 20.

– Deb Williams can be reached at dwilliams@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Thursday, May 26 2011
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  • Terry says:

    I find it hard NOT to call out Joe Gibbs hypocracy…..
    I would not be this hard on Hendrick ..Roush…Childress….Penske
    They don’t preach at people….and…set themselves above it all.
    Joe….can dismiss Kylechild..for everything he preaches against
    ( cussing..lifestyle…temper…actions…pride…)
    because he brings in the big BUCKS…….
    If you are going to talk the talk……as the saying goes.