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Flag to Flag: Talladega

Nick Bromberg | Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Sunday, April 26 2009

talll499logoWatching the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Sunday afternoon?

Nick Bromberg is.

Join him today as he chats “Flag to Flag” about the race.

Nick Bromberg | Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Sunday, April 26 2009


  • Jimmie Johnson tries the high side on the lap 47 restart but Shrub blocks him

  • aaaaaaaand he spins

  • aaaaaaaand Waltrip can’t see the front anymore

  • Johnson pushes Truex to the front right after Michael Waltrip pushes Shrb to the lead. There have been a lot of lead changes so far, and they’ve come from all three grooves.

  • Michael Waltrip can see the front!!!

  • When Fox was doing all of the “Jumper previews during their sporting events they needed the guy jumping on the foam to help relate to NASCAR fans.

    I should go into marketing.

  • Apparently the caution was for the tape that was flapping on Regan Smith’s car flying out?

  • Must be a battery problem for Burton.

  • Burton back in the pits. Doesn’t look good for the 31.

  • Right as I tell Pedley that the RCR cars are looking good, Burton heads to pit road and is saved by a timely caution.

    Debris I guess? Damn, I miss the sound more than I thought I would.

  • Gotta love Maui sponsoring Joe Nemechek

    Nothing says Hawaii like Joe Nemechek and his mustache

  • Truex still leads as the field hasn’t figured out that three wide racing this early isn’t a good idea

  • Restart on lap 14 and Junior pushes Truex out to a giant lead past Logano.

  • Gordon went four wide and bounced off of Matt Kenseth, and then into David Gilliland and the wall.

    Scott Riggs, Mark Martin (surprise!) Kevin Harvick, Gilliland, McMurray and the list goes on.

    14 cars in all

  • I have no idea why Gordon decided to go four wide there. None.

    Once I get a full rundown of who was in it I will post it. There’s too many cars to list right now…


  • I should also mention that the sound is off on the televisions so this is unfortunately going to be a fairly snark free version of flag-to-flag.

    As of lap 5 they’re already three wide and racing like it is the last lap. And, of course, the Talladega fans flip out as Junior takes the lead.

  • And we are green

    I’m going to jinx Tony Stewart today, so look for him to wreck on lap 4.

    I’m interested to see who parks it first as the #66 didn’t make the show, the #64 didn’t enter, and the #09 looks like it’s going to attempt to run the distance with Brad Keselowski.

    And of course, the big one is inevitable.

  • Racin Chick says:

    Oh man!

    I was so frightened by the mass “Chicken Dance” that I missed the Digger cartoon.

    Which one was it?

  • We’re going to be dodging the raindrops here at Kansas, but the weather looks great for Talladega, so they’ll be no problem with getting the race in.

    Sit tight for a while, as we probably won’t go green for another hour or so, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the latest rerun of a Digger cartoon (maybe we’ll see the first one for the third time?) and a ton of commercial breaks.

    And don’t forget to buy your Digger coffee mug to place in the cupholder of the recliner you’re about to buy from Aaron’s 4 $99 a month. (Isn’t that how the sponsorship works?)