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‘Lia Show’ Hangs With NASCAR

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Wednesday, February 23 2011

Lia Knight continues to keep auto racing on the air.

By Larry Wood | Senior Writer

While racing coverage has waned in many media outlets in recent years, one influential radio program has remained faithful and steadfast in its support.

The Lia Show, formerly known as Neon Nights, is nationally syndicated out of Seattle and, for a 6th consecutive year, includes a weekly NASCAR segment. The segment consists of racing news, a look at upcoming races, and discussion of interesting tidbits.

The 7 p.m.-midnight show has some three million listeners on 160 affiliates in all 50 states.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a contributor to the show for a number of years. Also, the show occasionally gives a nod to racintoday.com, which has a growing national readership.

The host of the show is Lia Knight, a bubbly Kentucky native whose broadcasting career led her to Seattle.

The show has a country music format – Lia was presented the Best Broadcasting Personality Award at the 2008 Country Music Awards – but it also features a diverse menu that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Lia’s on-air guests range from major country-music stars to Piers Morgan (Larry King’s replacement); from Larry the Cable Guy to Jenny McCarthy; from Jorge Cruz to Bill Engvall.

Back in The Day, NASCAR fans and country music fans tended to be one and the same. In recent years the sport has added a dash of rock ‘n roll in an attempt to appeal to younger fans. But to millions of race fans and radio listeners, country is still cool.

But again, there’s more to the Lia Show than country music, starting with the NASCAR segment.

Lia is a delight to work with – bright, insightful and inquisitive, which makes her the perfect host. (I’ve gotten dozens of column ideas from questions she’s posed on the show.)

She is also upbeat, positive and patriotic. She believes there’s lots of good news out there and doesn’t hesitate to broadcast it. In 2002 Lia received the industry’s Service Above Self Award.

How vast is the Lia Show’s audience? One night my daughter was driving in upstate New York when she was startled to hear her pop’s voice on her car radio. From Nashville to Seattle to upstate N.Y. – when I told Lia about it, she laughed and agreed that’s a lot of traveling for a Tennessee twang.

I enjoy doing the show; it’s fun and informative and Lia and her staff are delightful to work with. Over the years we’ve established a rapport, and I missed my radio pals during NASCAR’s brief off-season.

Now another season and another show are at hand. I hope Lia’s millions of listeners enjoy it as much as we do.

– Larry Woody can be reached at lwoody@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Wednesday, February 23 2011
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One Comment »

  • Terry says:

    Larry….I have heard that back holler’ mumble on the radio. Being from Knoxville I can say that but somebody else can’t say that. I have caught the show many times while traveling and it really helps to eat up the miles. I wish our guys here in KC ( the Racin Boys )would be a little more NASCAR oriented…..but alas they are mostly dirt track midgets sprint car and outlaws on the show.
    I grew up watching L D Ottinger battle Tootle Estes on dirt ( no one could beat Tootle on dirt ) and Red Farmer on asphalt. It was good racing. Just a note to say GOOD JOB to you and Lia….
    and how exciting to see couple of favorite’s like the WOOD BROS and the KNOXVILLE KID…..together…even if it is for only a year.