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Johanna Long Wins Snowball Derby

| , RacinToday.com Monday, December 6 2010

Johanna Long won the 2010 Snowball Derby on Sunday. (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Johanna Long won Sunday’s 43rd annual Snowball Derby in Florida, becoming just the second female to win the prestigious short-track event.

Long, 18, is the youngest driver to win the event, which attracts top drivers from across the nation to the paved, half-mile Five Flags Speedway near Pensacola.

Last year, Kyle Busch won the race. This year, such NASCAR drivers as Landon Cassill, David Stremme and David Ragan competed.

Long, a resident of Pensacola, passed Cassill on lap 316, held the lead and got the victory. Long led a total of 23 laps.

Cassill was spun on the move and a big crash occurred behind him.

Long spent the 2010 season in the Camping World Truck Series. She had seven starts in the series. Her best finish was 17th, which she had at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis. She had two other top-20 finishes.

Long had her best qualifying effort in the truck series at Texas Motor Speedway. She started the race ninth.

Chase Elliott, leading at the time, saw an unprecedented Snowflake 100-Derby weekend sweep fall by the wayside when Cassill spun him onLap 298.

The son of Bill Elliott, Chase started 31st in the 36-car Snowflake on Saturday. He took the lead on lap 86.

Results for Sunday’s Snowball Derby at Five Flags:

1. Johanna Long; 2. Donnie Wilson; 3. Scott Hantz; 4. Landon Cassill; 5. Dennis Scheoenfeld; 6. Derrick Griffin; 7. Mason Mingus; 8. Travis Kittleson; 9. John Bolen; 10. Jimmy Garmon; 11. Andrew Pollard; 12. Mike Garvey; 13. David Stremme; 14. Casey Smith; 15. Dan Fredrickson; 16. Casey Roderick; 17. Chase Elliott; 18. Johnny Vandoorn; 19. Ross Kenseth; 20. Grant Enfinger; 21. Cale Gale; 22. Andy Loden; 23. Chris Davidson; 24. Jeff Fultz; 25. Josh Hammer; 26. Ryan Sieg; 27. David Ragan; 28. Augie Grill; 29. Jerry Artuso; 30. Dennis Prunty; 31. Clay Rogers; 32. Korey Ruble; 33. Brandon Carlson; 34. Ryan Lawler; 35. TJ Reaid; 36. Dave Mader III; 37. Eddie Mercer.

Results for Saturday’s Snowflake 100 at Five Flags:

1. Chase Elliott; 2. Bubba Pollard; 3. Mike Garvey; 4. John Bolen; 5. Daniel Hemric; 6. Augie Grill; 7. Erik Jones; 8. Cale Gale; 9. Andy Pugh; 10. Kenzie Ruston; 11. D.J. VanderLey; 12. Johanna Long; 13. Matt Smith; 14. Brandon Bendele; 15. Cody Smith; 16. David Odell; 17. Jason Young; 18. Tony Clark; 19. Logan Boyett; 20. Shanna Ard; 21. Chuck Tuck; 22. Kyle Bryant; 23. Austin Kirkpatrick; 24. Dwayne Buggay; 25. Brandon Odom; 26. Hunter Robbins; 27. Kyle Benjamin; 28. Dillon Oliver; 29. Justin South; 30. Thomas Praytor; 31. Chris Davidson; 32. Scott Patton; 33. Tommy Rollins; 34. David Jones; 35. Robert Royce; DQ.

| , RacinToday.com Monday, December 6 2010
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  • Terry says:

    Janet Guthrie…is smiling somewhere…..
    I love it …..I alway’s have shown my grandaughter stuff like this. I like to see them really compete and win…
    That is why I had so much respect for Janet. She wasn’t riding around out there making Danica excuses……she competed door to door……and this LONG girl is WINNING…..GOOD FOR YOU GIRL…