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Memo: Big Thanks To The Other Pro Sports

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, October 29 2010

Carl Edwards signs autographs at Kansas Speedway. Non of the fans spit on Edwards' family that day. (Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images)

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor

Let’s see what’s in the old Morning Memo today:

I would just like to take a few paragraphs to issue some words of thanks. They go out to other professional sports in America and are inspired by some recent headlines.

I thank those sports for making auto racing and racing fans look so darn good.

Thanks, New York Yankees fans – for spitting and pouring beer on the wives and families of Texas Ranger players at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs. Great fans, TV hairdos like to say of those in New York. Jeezo, I’d hate to share a stadium with the bad ones. Baseball fans – those faux poets who wax so saccharinely of the beauty and charm of the smell green grass and sound cowhide meeting varnished wood – have long since lost their right to look down on race fans.

Thanks, stick-and-ball players unions – for spitting and pouring conempt on all over their fans. Word is, the baseball players union would “consider” allowing its members to compete in expanded playoffs. I like unions. My father was a union man in a factory town so I know unions and you, sirs, are not a union. You are a bloated monopoly. Just as I remember the heads of the car companies showing up to congress to ask for bailout money in private planes, I remember second baseman Lou Whitaker showing up to a union meeting in a limo and wearing a silk suit.

(Ever notice how pro athletes complain more about the work place and conditions than do coal miners, who actually do need a union because they actually work – and die on the job?)

Thanks, MLB – for making the next couple of Chase races look better. Giants and, um, let me think, hmmm, oh, right, Rangers in World Series. Gripping. This pooch of a Series would be like the Chase heading to Phoenix with Dave Blaney and Joe Nemechek first and second in points and only separated by 273 points.

Thanks, NFL – for making the price of a Sprint Cup ticket look like a bargain. Empty seats in NASCAR are regarded as the Fifth Horseman. Empty seats at NFL games are regarded as a testament to all that wonderful television work. When NASCAR pleads poor economy for its downturn in attendance, ridicule follows. When the NFL does it, people change the subject.

(I really think what the NFL needs is longer pre-game shows and more barking former players and analysts on the sets. With only six talking at the same time, a relevant thought still can sneak through now and then.)

Thanks, NBA – for, well, nothing. I guess it keeps both thugs and yuppie posers off the streets on school nights.

Thanks, pro soccer – Um, there is professional soccer, isn’t there?

Memo to self: Sell off the rest of the Apple stock to pay for parking to the one baseball game I will go to next year.

Non Chasers of publicity

The next time I hear a driver or team owner for a non-Chase team complain about how all the coverage goes to Chasers at this time of year, I believe I will go Ron Hornaday Jr. on their butt.

Tried a couple times to do stories with non-Chasers this week. Too busy to talk to humble website writers. Guess the skiff needed washing.

Memo to self: Call these guys back for look-back stories after they have dropped out of the sport completely. Like, next season.

Building for the future

Kind of related to the above memo: I see Phoenix has expanded its media center. That comes a couple years after Watkins Glen, Homestead and a couple others upgraded theirs. As a person who likes comfort and cleanliness, I applaud those moves. I just don’t understand them. The media corps has shrunk down faster than a lamb’s wool sweater in Hef’s hot tub in recent years as newspapers kiss racing fans off.

A lot of reporters complained, I know, about certain press rooms but that’s what reporters do. Some perspective, please.

But seriously: Improve the fan experience first. All real journalists will understand.

Memo to self: Expect call from National Motorsports Press Association.

And finally…

This press release came from organizers of the Armor All Gold Coast 600 race which was held in Surfers Paradise, Australia this month.

“Suggestions that The Beach Boys were lip syncing are false. A slight delay between the vision being played on the big screens at the 600 Sounds presented by Hard Rock precinct and what was happening on stage did occur, as sometimes happens with live performances, and this may have contributed to the confusion felt by some event-goers.

“The Armor All Gold Coast 600 event was a fantastic show to be a part of from start to finish. Everything from the sound system to the staging was all first rate and top-notch. Throughout the duration of my stay in Australia I heard nothing but positive feedback on our show and the race,” said Mike Love, lead singer of the Beach Boys.

“We pride ourselves on providing a great live show to our millions of fans around the world and spent time that day sound checking our vocals to ensure a great live mix, in our almost 50 years of performing The Beach Boys have never lip-synched and we are not about to start!”

V8 Supercars Australia said the speculation was erroneous and totally false, and while there may have been a small number of patrons leaving the site due to the confusion, this number would have been a very small percentage in comparison to the approximately 20,000 strong crowd at the venue for the concert on the night.”

Memo to self: Don’t they sing backwards down under?

– Jim Pedley can be reached at jpedley@racintoday.com

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, October 29 2010


  • Terry says:

    Jim …..buddy why are you beating around the bush……
    tell us what you really think……
    Blasting sports and show biz
    ( as if there was a difference )
    with one shot….a regular e-journalist’s ALVIN YORK….
    If you had nailed Jerry Jones and IRAN
    it would have been a hat trick..
    I can hear Poz and Christopher Hearne cheering you now……

  • Jay says:

    Yeah, and the Yankees and Phillies in the World Series would be sooo exciting!! NOT.