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Woody: PC Police Should Get Off Bruton’s Back

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Thursday, September 9 2010

Bruton Smith, owner and CEO of Speedway Motor Sports Inc., is in the spotlight again these days. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)

By Larry Woody | Senior Writer

Oh for crying out loud …

Ever since Bruton Smith made a remark – granted, a snide remark – referring to Miami-Homestead as “North Cuba,” the Politically Correct Police sirens have been wailing.

They pounced on Smith’s comment, claiming it is insensitive because over 60 percent of the Miami-Dade County population is Hispanic or Latino.

One of the hand-wingers noted that these are some of the folks that NASCAR has been trying to reach out to in recent years. What’s he trying to suggest? That a comment by Bruton Smith – who by the way doesn’t work for NASCAR – could somehow de-rail NASCAR’s anemic Drive for Diversity?

If one insensitive comment can de-rail it, it wasn’t much a drive to start with.

I don’t think Bruton was trying to offend anyone. Everyone who has become acquainted with him over the years knows that he often shoots from the lip and says and does things which can be a tad mischievous just to get attention.

Since the PC flair-up he explained that he meant to say “north of Cuba” instead of “North Cuba” when he made his Miami-Homestead wisecrack. (Am I allowed to say “wisecrack” or does it offend intellectuals and crack dealers?)

I don’t know for sure what Bruton meant to say and I don’t care. Neither should anyone else. It’s a silly dustup over a quip by a private citizen.

The point he was trying to make is that Homestead-Miami Speedway is not a good place (in his opinion) to hold the final race of the season. Bruton can name several other venues he believes would be better suited for the finale – like Las Vegas or Charlotte, for example, which just happen to be home to a couple of the tracks he owns.

I’m sure Bruton will readily plead guilty to shamefully lobbying for his own tracks.

Frankly he’s not the only one who wonders what Homestead-Miami has going for it when it comes to hosting the final race, other than pleasant late-November weather. I’ve always thought Daytona would be a more appropriate site. Start the season there in February and end it there in November. What could be more symbolic for a sport that runs in circles? Daytona has a great track, unparalleled tradition, ideal logistics and mild Florida weather.

But that’s another debate for another time. The fuss over Bruton’s “North Cuba” comment is nothing more than an absurd sideshow stirred up by PC vigilantes looking for something to complain about.

– Larry Woody can be reached at lwoody@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Thursday, September 9 2010


  • J.J. says:

    Actually, Banzai Bonnie, white, hetro males DO have an organization–at least two, really–to call their own: One starts with “K” followed by another “K” followed by… well, you get the idea. And the other has a strong affiliation with that guy from WWII who had a thing for putting people of a certain religious persuasion into ovens… I’m sure you remember him, name started with a “H”?

    All that aside, I’m pretty tired of people forgiving stupidity and bigoted remarks, private or public citizen or not. It’s freaking 2010 for crying out loud, time to recognize that the white folk ain’t the only ones interested in auto racing.

    Given that several drivers live in the Miami area (Montoya–who I’m pretty sure really appreciated Smith’s “innocent” self-serving remarks–and Vickers to name two) and that the Hispanic and minority market are one ALL sports court these days, good old boy Bruton could’ve thought first before opening his big yap. Vegas has a large Hispanic population as well who buy tickets to races, why alienate them by being stupid?

    But what the hell, right? Those brown skin folk don’t belong in “your” sport.

  • banzaibonnie says:

    Ditto!! I’m so sick of the P.C. police. Where are they when white men-especially southern-get constantly called by every derogatory name imaginable? I’ve heard major media people dissing that group and no-one says a word. I believe hetero, white males, are the only group left without some protective org. pouncing on anything perceived as an insult. I’m really steamed about this. By the way, I’m neither male nor southern

  • Racemaster says:

    Amen, brother. Much ado about nothing.