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Flag to Flag: Phoenix

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, April 18 2009

SBWY FRSH 500 LOGOWatching the Subway Fresh Fit 500 tonight?

Do you simply have to talk about it with someone?

Join RacinToday.com’s Nick Bromberg as he chats “Flag to Flag” about the Phoenix  race.

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Saturday, April 18 2009


  • Alright, well that is it for tonight. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back from Kansas Speedway next week for Talladega.

  • I swear that’s the third definition of the Polish Victory Lap tonight

  • And Mark Martin wins!

    By about a second. The top two finishers had the two best cars of the whole evening. Rarely does that happen. (and even rarer do I pick the top two. I gotta save this one)

  • Martin got by Newman with ease from the get go and Stewart can’t get close. If a caution happens, it could be interesting…

  • Ryan Newman stayed out because he couldn’t hear the crew. So Newman is on old tires in first, Martin in second and Stewart in third.

    If Kyle Busch was speeding, it was that extra bit of accelerator that he mashed right at the line.

  • Martin beats out Kyle by three inches who beats Tony Stewart by six inches

    And Kyle was too fast exiting


  • And I just jinxed it.

    Junior in the wall. Caution is out.

    Who comes in? Who doesn’t? This is going to be fun.

  • FYI, the other driver that I was considering but didn’t pick (ask management, I swear) is Tony Stewart.

  • Martin just lapped Junior. It was what, 50 laps ago that he passed him for the lead?

    That’s how good Martin’s car has been, and how bad Junior’s is.

  • There was a story on a different website about how the onus was on Kevin Harvick now that Gordon won because Harvick hadn’t won in 78 races.

    Why wouldn’t that onus have been on Mark Martin in the first place? 97 races is longer than Gordon’s streak was and Harvick’s streak is.

  • Did you know that this race was sponsored by Quizno’s? I had no idea.

  • Stewart and Kurt need a caution to catch Martin.

    And judging by past history, they may not get one.

  • Speaking of a Penske car, a local sports talk host said Friday that Helio was not his favorite IndyCar driver anymore because he was acquitted because he has lost faith in the US Justice System.

    Do not ask me how someone can make that jump, but that’s talk radio for you.

  • Is that Sam Hornish running well?

    These are stock cars, right?

  • This will not be decided on fuel mileage tonight. Both Martin and Stewart and Kurt are good to go to the end. (as is everyone who cycled through on that round of pit stops.

    Junior’s car looks like the one that was about to get lapped earlier. How he got the lead and held it like he did is an unsolved mystery.

  • Martin passes Junior for the lead, and I’d bet that no one will catch him unless we have a caution or he really gets bottled up by lapped traffic

  • Junior can not get off the corner at all

    Hammond just said that Junior wasn’t going to roll over and play very good