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Edwards’ Bump Draws Ire Of Peers

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, July 23 2010

Carl Edwards took some heat from his peers on Friday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.(File photo courtesy of NASCAR)

By Jim Pedley | Managing Editor

Indianapolis – Carl Edwards may have lost the battle for the hearts and minds of his peers for his part in late-race shenanigans at Gateway International Raceway last weekend.

In fact, some drivers had some very harsh words for Edwards, who instigated a last-lap wreck with Brad Keselowski at Gateway on Saturday night.

Stewart-Haas Racing driver Ryan Newman said during an interview at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, site of Sunday’s Brickyard 400, that what Edwards did when he deliberately wrecked Keselowski was close to being attempted manslaughter.

Both Edwards and Keselowski used their bumpers to move the other aside on the final lap of the Missouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers.

But it was the bump which Edwards administered on the front stretch at Gateway as they headed for the finish line that was the one other drivers were talking most about on Friday.

After that bump, Keselowski’s car hit the outside wall and was then bashed by two other cars as it sat at the bottom of the track.

Newman was asked if he thought that what went on at Gateway was just part of a “have at it boys” aggressiveness which NASCAR officials said they would accept this season.

“Have at it boys is not that,” he said. “Have at it boys means even if we crash each other or get into an accident or lose respect for one another, you go talk about it. That’s the ‘Have at it Boys’. You go behind a trailer and you talk about it. We can get in each other’s faces. That’s ‘Have at it Boys’.

“Going out there and purposely crashing somebody; turning right or turning left just to crash ’em on purpose, whether you’re winning the race or not, is not at all ‘Have at it Boys’. Some people have thought of manslaughter or attempted manslaughter, but that’s closer to what it is. That’s not ‘Have at it Boys’

“I’m all for ‘Have at it Boys’. Let us race. But that’s not racing. We should paint up a No. 99 or No. 88 Chevy Impala for Carl to go race demolition derbies with, it that’s the case. We’re racing; we’re not demolition derbies.”

Both Edwards and Keselowski drew penalties from NASCAR for their actions at Gateway.

Edwards was put on probation, stripped of 60 championship points and docked $25,000. Keselowski was put on probation.

Driver Jeff Burton said he was surprised that Keselowski drew any penalty at all.

“I think they didn’t penalize him (Edwards) enough,” Burton said. “I don’t understand why Keselowski got penalized at all.  I’m still confused.  And I haven’t read or heard or talked to NASCAR.  I don’t know why after that incident that Brad Keselowski should be put on probation.”

Newman was asked how the Keselowski/Edwards feud should be settled.

“Brad hasn’t decked Carl yet,” Newman said. “To me, that’s all it is. Brad just needs to go up there and lay one across his lip and everything will be fine.”

– Jim Pedley can be reached at jpedley@racintoday.com

| Managing Editor, RacinToday.com Friday, July 23 2010


  • tom1194 says:

    It’s funny, used to when we talked about peers, they were guys who had won championships and a threat every week to win. Now all that is written is about drivers and rookies with medium skills and really great cars.
    If krash hadn’t whacked Carl on the previous lap this problably would not be a story and the outcome would have been the same.
    Quite possibly,if krash had held his car up at the wall every body would have made it through.
    For a driver to say they don’t know why krash was penalized shows that driver is just a really confused person which should not be on the track anyhow.
    Newman’s comments – dead on right!!

    • Starliner says:

      You really shouldn’t give your opinions in a public forum. I guess your mother forgot to tell you. No one knows you’re a moron until you open your mouth and remove all doubt.
      Your short sightedness is only exceeded by Carl’s. Oh yeah, I’ll take Newman in a good old southern scrap any day over Mr. Bodybuilder Carl. Physical conditioning, does not a good fighter make.

      • tom1194 says:

        good advice you should have heeded it before you made your comment. PLEASE, crawl back under your rock.
        thanks for the help

        • Davis says:

          Tom1194, I agree with Starliner!! You are a bigger moron than Edwards!!Carl Edwards is having a self-esteem issue right now!! Pay attention Carl will continue to wreck people until he kills somebody or until NASCAR puts him out of their racing series!! Mark my words!!

  • lydia says:

    While I appreciated what Newman said…I was wondering…giving the size differences between Carl and Brad…and that Carl seems to have alittle extra venom behind his aggression then Brad…is Newman..who is no small man…willing to be Brad’s backup? Now..that would be worth seeing!

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