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Woody: Logano Zinger Was Award Worthy

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Wednesday, June 9 2010

Joey Logano cut loose with one of the more memorable pieces of trash talk of the season at Pocono. (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Larry Woody | Senior Writer

Seeing as how NASCAR has an award for everything else, how about one for Zinger of the Year?

I nominate Joey Logano’s classic crack at Kevin Harvick during a heated confrontation following last Sunday’s Pocono race.

Logano blamed Harvick for crashing him, and added:

“His wife wears the fire suit in the family, tells him what to do, so it’s probably not his fault.”

The swipe referred to Harvick’s wife Delana who famously dresses in a bright orange-and-red racing uniform identical to her husband’s during her pit-road vigil at each race. Many other wives also watch from pit road, but none wears a racing suit. There’s nothing wrong with it of course; it’s just, well, unusual.

Normally there’s no sharper tongue in NASCAR than Kevin’s, but in this case Logano out-Harvicked Harvick.

Aside from being amusing, the crack was telling. It revealed a fiery side of the talented young Logano that most us had never seen. Logano had always come across as a polite, mild-mannered, almost shy youngster. Suddenly he’s raging and pushing and having to be restrained from getting to Harvick.

I suspect Logano’s stock went up among race fans. We like our drivers to have a little salt and pepper.

This is not a dig at Harvick, but he’s the king of the wisecrackers and has made plenty of cutting remarks at his fellow drivers over the years. That’s what made Logano’s comment score so high – the zinger got zinged.

Aside from the entertainment value, Logano’s outburst was significant because it indicated the pressure he’s feeling to get his season in gear. He is mired in 17th place in the standing with just 12 races to go to set the Chase for the Championship field.

Last Sunday’s wipeout was a blow to Logano’s hopes. He’s not out of it yet, of course, but he’s got some serious digging to do.

Harvick, meanwhile, went on to score a comfortable 4th-place finish at Pocono and maintain his lead atop the standings. Kevin is virtually assured of making the chase – only a major collapse could cost him 12 positions in the next 12 races.

I predict more temper boil-overs in coming weeks as Logano and other top drivers outside the Top 12 try to wrestle their way into Chase contention. And for each one who gets in, somebody’s gotta get out – no matter who wears the fire suit.

– Larry Woody can be reached at lwoody@racintoday.com

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Wednesday, June 9 2010


  • slander says:

    First of all a “zinger” is something that is thought up at the moment, during the proverbial heat of the verbal battle. During the actual confrontation it was more “chihuahua-yipping-at-the-mailman-from-behind-the-safety-of-the-picket-fence.” His so-called “zinger” happened after he had already had a time-out in the Gibbs trailer to think about what he was going to say, and then said it from the relative safety of a crowd of reporters.

    What would have been more telling is whether he would have said it directly to Happy’s face. Maybe then we would find out who wears the firesuit in the Logano family…

  • Bob says:

    oops – comment (12th word)

  • Bob says:

    I commend you for being one of the few that understood his commet as being aimed at Harvick and not his wife. So many fans, writers and commentators seemed to not understand that. It makes my all time list of great zingers. As you pointed out Kevin is not one to shy away from throwing one out on occasion so he is indeed a fair target.