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Harris: The Talk of Speedweeks

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Sunday, February 14 2010
Juan Pablo Montoya has become a top-tier Sprint Cup driver.  (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Juan Pablo Montoya says expect new green-white-checkered flag rule to be put to use this weekend. (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

By Mike Harris | Senior Writer

Daytona Beach, Fla. – Sometimes it’s amazing what comes out of the mouths of race drivers and crew chiefs. Here are a few of the gems from this week at Daytona International Speedway:

“I wouldn’t be surprised that we will have more than one green-white-checkers (flag). Honestly. People are racing really clean, but you’re pushing and you know, (Thursday) was only half a field and it was out of control. It was good, but it was out of control.’’

– Juan Pablo Montoya on the type of racing he expects in Sunday’s Daytona 500

“I guess we’ll have a baby. I’m not getting into it because anything can happen, so we’re just gonna go race and, hopefully, all the baby happening will happen on Monday.’’

– Carl Edwards asked what will happen if wife Kate goes into labor this weekend with their first child

“I’ve been taking pictures of her belly from the same point. I have my spot on the floor. I get down and take a picture and she stands on the same spot and we’ve been flipping through the pictures and the belly just gets bigger and bigger. … I’m a little nervous. It won’t be long. The due date is Wednesday.’’

– More baby talk from Edwards

“Actually, I can’t wait to see the photos. Anybody seen the car coming across? Was it sideways? I think it was awesome. Jimmie did a fantastic job. Like I said, we put him out there at a disadvantage to try to win the race because it was really a situation where we didn’t have a whole lot to lose. If we were going to sit around and run 15th or 12th, start 24th in the 500, hell, that’s not any fun. We need to go for the win.’’

– Chad Knaus, crew chief of Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 Chevrolet following Johnson’s win in his Dual 150 Thursday while slip-sliding around the track on worn tires after Knaus told him to stay on track during final caution

“You know, people don’t think I’m that bright at times, and I couldn’t care less. People think he’s weird and he don’t care, too. That’s how we formed our relationship. Two people that are comfortable with who they are and don’t really care a whole bunch about what other people think about that.’’

– Michael Waltrip talking about Scott Speed after Speed’s finish in the second Dual 150 gave Waltrip a starting spot in the Daytona 500

“I like sliding around. If we’re all just wide open, side-by-side for 500 miles, that’s fun for the fans. … I mean, brass balls makes a lot, too. So it just means (it) came down to who have the biggest huevos, whatever. However you say it in French.’’

– Mike Bliss after driving his way into the Daytona 500 with a strong run in Thursday’s Gatorade Duals

“It got a little bad there those last four laps and I was in the middle of it. The only way I wouldn’t start on the pole of the Daytona 500 was to wad it up. So I conceded there was a lap and a half to go and I was too far back to win it. I just decided to start on the pole.’’

– Daytona 500 pole winner Mark Martin after fading at the end to finish 21st in his Dual 150

“Well, Indy is one that frustrates me the most that I haven’t got. The good thing is, I still have opportunities here. I’m not going to have any more Indy 500 opportunities. That side of it is past, so that is why that is frustrating. This at times has been frustration because we have been so close so many times.’’

– Tony Stewart after being asked if failing to win the Daytona 500 in 11 starts is at the top of his list of aggravations

| Senior Writer, RacinToday.com Sunday, February 14 2010
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