George Is Out In Indy

| , RacinToday.com Tuesday, January 19 2010
Tony George resigned from key positions at Indianapolis on Tuesday.

Tony George resigned from key position at Indianapolis on Tuesday.


Tony George, the founder of the Indy Racing League, is now just a team owner in the open-wheel series.

The Board of Directors of Hulman & Company and affiliated companies, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has received the resignation of George from the board of directors effective immediately, according to Mari Hulman George, chairman.

“As members of his family, we are sorry to see Tony leave,” said Mrs. George. “We are grateful for his service to our company as a board member and of course for formerly serving as CEO and president of our companies. I speak for our whole family in wishing him well.

“All of us had hoped that Tony would continue to serve on the board, and we made that clear to him. We are disappointed with his decision to step down despite our wishes.”

His resignation removes George from any remaining role in Hulman & Company, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy Racing League, IMS Productions and other affiliated companies. His term as CEO of the family companies ended June 30, 2009. He continues to be involved in racing through his ownership of Vision Racing, a competitor in the IZOD IndyCar Series of the Indy Racing League.

The board vacancy will be addressed at a later date. In addition to Mari Hulman George, board members include Nancy George, Josie George, Kathi George-Conforti and Jack Snyder.

Mari Hulman George said she is very pleased with the direction of the company and the progress that has been made during the last six months.

“Our company is healthy and is weathering the economic recession well,” she said. “Jeff Belskus, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Curt Brighton, president and CEO of Hulman & Company, are both doing excellent jobs in guiding our companies through this difficult time. Many hard decisions have been made, and now our companies are well positioned for the future.”

| , RacinToday.com Tuesday, January 19 2010


  • ANM says:

    I agree about the county fair style way things have reverted to on all counts. It all is much worse than what it once was.
    Tony has always been a few cards short and he was allowed to reign two decades too long.
    There is nothing there left worth the investment of the time and money. Long past the time when anyone would give a crap.

  • ed says:

    Well,let’s just finish this business. It is past time for the Hulman family to sell the racetrack. Time has passed them by. The facility (for the fans) is a dump. It is run like a county fair race track. There is no policing of the crowd in the stands. The sight lines are the worst of any oval track, bar none. Parking is atrocious.

    Racing wise, the Indy 500 cannot begin to fill a 33 car field; perhaps 10-15 cars are actually competitive in any real meaning of the word. It is like having 6 heifers entered in the Kentucky Derby to make up a field, with the Derby paying the expenses of the heifers to compete. Open wheel racing in the US has suffered immeasurably because of Tony and the family decisions.

    Do the world a favor and sell to a more enterprising group to fix the damage done to a premiere venue that time has passed by. There is a time and a season for everything. Your time is long past, Hulmans.