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| , RacinToday.com Wednesday, October 14 2009

HOF Finals 4.18.07


Charlotte, N.C. – RacinToday.com was represented in Wednesday’s voting for the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame by two of its senior writers. Here is how those two staffers voted and why:

Jim Pedley:

Bill France Sr. – Pretty simple. No Bill France Sr., no NASCAR, no NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Bill France Jr. – France Sr. planted the seed but his son watered and nurtured the series and grew it into something that is worthy to have its own hall of fame.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. – All sports need a face. Earnhardt’s is that face for NASCAR. He is more than just a seven-time champion, he is the sport personified.

Richard Petty – Petty remains the sport’s winningest driver – 200 victories – and will remain that. It will be astonishing if in years to come anybody wins half as many as The King.

Junior Johnson – This was my final choice and I was torn between Johnson and David Pearson. I went with Johnson because of his cross-over recognition and what he has contributed to the lore of NASCAR.

Mike Harris:

Bill France Sr. – Without Big Bill there would be no need to create a Hall of Fame because there would be no NASCAR.

Bill France Jr. – Some debate over whether he should go in with his father or as the anchor of the second-year. But if you base your vote on accomplishment, there is no question he belongs in the first class.

Richard Petty – Could baseball’s Hall of Fame have left Babe Ruth out of it’s first class? The King still reigns.

Dale Earnhardt – The icon of the modern era of NASCAR. The Intimidator would somehow blow us all off the racetrack if we left him out.

David Pearson – A quiet presence during his year’s battling Richard Petty for the honor of being the best. But those 105 wins speak for themselves.

| , RacinToday.com Wednesday, October 14 2009
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